What's in my bag

Hello everybody ! I've seen this post done on a lot of blogs and I love having a nose through them. So I thought I'd share what's in my bag at the moment. Sorry for the quality of the photos, even on a good sunny day like today, the lighting in my uni room is really bad.

The bag itself - I picked up this little bag in Pennys/ Primark for €5 ! It's super handy for college. Plus my normal handbag is looking very worn, so while saving for an good upgrade I'm using this little bag. I love it, super cute !

My purse - My mam actually got this gorgeous purse for me at the bloom festival during the summer. I'm absolutely obsessed with it.

My notebooks - I always carry these 3 around with me, one for my every day to day things, one for everything blog related and one for everything college related. I know it's probably a little excessive but hey I like to be organised.

Hand gel -  I always keep some hand gel with me especially in Winter. I got this one in Aldi I think for about a euro.

Earphones - Always handy to have with me, especially for that 25 minute walk to college in the morning. Also insanely handy in the library.

Concealer - I usually use the Collection lasting perfection in shade fair 1 in the morning getting ready, but I bring this one, the illuminating touch in shad naked 1 with me for during the day. It's much lighter and more subtle but still does its job.

Deodorant - I always carry deodorant with me for little touch ups.

Comb - Having hair too short to tie up means it's always down and always subject to the wind so having a comb is pretty necessary.

Chewing Gum - Exciting as it is, I always carry chewing gum you never know when you'll need it.

So that's about it, this is what is generally always in my bag. I hope you enjoyed have a nose around my bag.

Erin x

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