A Weekly Wrap Up #2

Hello everybody ! This week has had its ups and downs, but mainly ups thankfully. I started off the week by visiting my best and oldest friend Julie in Galway. I hadn't seen her in ages because we go to different colleges and she works most weekends, so it was lovely to have a good catch up with her. 

I got the train to Galway and that journey lasted about two hours, so I got all my organising and lists written up. I was still feeling really poorly up until about Wednesday or Thursday and I just took the time to be sick and get better. On Thursday evening however my mam surprised me and my boyfriend with tickets to see Dara O Briain, who was on in our university concert hall. He was so funny and didn't disappoint. It was great to have a nice relaxing night out with my parents too. 

Friday was a great day! I was feeling really positive and got loads of work done. Then I went home and visited my cousin Siobhan who moved to London about five months ago, so it was great seeing her again ! Saturday was a lazy day and I was perfectly happy with that. 

This morning I woke up and was hellbent on being prepared for the upcoming week. So I sorted my room out, sorted my books and folders out, did some laundry and went for a run. Yes, you read that right I went for run !! It was such a beautiful day that I couldn't stay inside so I put on all my gear and actually went running....well to be accurate, it was more of a brisk walk with random outburts of jogging, but still, it's more than I've done over the past few weeks so I was delighted with myself. I wish I could tell you that I felt so much better after it and I had more energy but really, I came home sat down on the couch, exhausted and haven't moved ! I was so tired afterwards. But I am happy I went and I know the next time I go it'll be easier, or at least I pray it will be !

Goals for this week :

Exercise - As always I'm going to try and incorporate more exercise into my life !

Water - I go through phases of drinking loads of water to drinking none. I need to get back into the habit of drinking it again !

Job Hunt- I didn't do any job hunting last week so really need to concentrate on it this week and make it a priority.

Stay Positive - Since Friday I've been in such a good mood and generally more positive, so my plan is to stay that way.

Take photos - I've been putting off doing so many posts because the weather has been bad so the lighting in my room has been awful. This week, the minute a bit of sunshine comes through my window, I won't procrastinate and I'll finally get some more beauty posts up !

So what's your goals this week ? I'd love to hear them !

Erin x

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  1. Great post, I also hate photographing in this light. I only have one place in my house that I can take snaps with good lighting and they are all looking very samey now.
    Would love to go see Dara O'Briain. He is so funny.
    My goals this week are to find the bottom on the ironing pile and to reorganise my dressing table.

  2. I'd so frustrating, because I live in college I only have my room to take pictures in so I've a very limited amount of time that the sun shines through my window ! He's brilliant live, would definitely go again. Haha I haven't seen the bottom of my laundry basket in quite some time now haha ! Thanks for commenting !! x


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