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Hello everybody ! Another gift guide today, this time I'm focusing on what to get boyfriends or guy friends. This will be my first Christmas with James so I've had so much fun brainstorming gift ideas. Again, his present isn't on this as that would ruin the surprise but I will do a post on all the presents I got for family and friends and post it after I've given them all to them. I really love these gift ideas and I hope they help ! 

Bottle Stand This is an ideal gift if your man likes a drink or two. It's probably not something he'd buy for himself, so it's a guaranteed surprise.

Childhood Games I don't think boys ever really grow up, so why not buy him one of the old playstation games he used to play when he was younger, they don't cost much and you can pretty much get any game for any console on amazon.

Christmas Onesie Everyone loves a cosy onesie so why not treat him to a seasonal one. 

Concert tickets  Get him tickets to his favourite band or singer whenever they're playing.

Watch Boys like jewelry too so why not surprise him with a beautiful watch.

A Holiday Depending on your budget of course, treating him to a romantic weekend away would be an ideal present.

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