A Weekly Wrap Up #5

Hello everybody ! This week in general has been very good, of course I had my down days but overall, it was quite good. 

The highlights :
  • I started off the week meeting with one of my best friends and having a great catch up in the city over a hot chocolate.
  •  On Tuesday my friends and I picked out our secret santa and enjoyed a gorgeous Chinese.
  •  My exam on Friday went very well I think *fingers crossed*
  • I went to the cinema yesterday to see Horrible Bosses 2 and was not disappointed.

The Lowlights :
  • Having to spend most of my week studying for exams.
  • Face breaking out as a result of stress.
  • Feeling really ill on Friday night.

Next Weeks Goals :
  • Try get my skin back to normal before the weekend (trip to Birmingham)
  • Study LOADS. Official exams start on Friday *sad face*
  • Drink lots of water
So there you have it, another weekly wrap up ! How was your week ? What goals have you set yourself this week ?

Erin x
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