Isadora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer Review

Isadora is a brand that absolutely adore, I don't think I've tried a product that I haven't liked. The Cover Up Foundation was sent to me in PR ages ago and I'm only getting around to reviewing it now. As you know by now if you're a regular on the blog, this year I'm doing a no beauty buy and have been falling back in love with some of the makeup in my collection that I haven't used in a while. I've been trying to finish up this foundation for the last month and I think I'll actually be sad when it's finished because I have loved using it. Anyway, enough of me gushing, on with the review.

Here's what it claims to do according to the Isadora website...

  • Creamy, elastic texture
  • Moisturizing and energizing formula
  • Satin-like, full coverage foundation and concealer in one.
  • Full coverage concealer and foundation in one

Here's what I think.. 


  • It definitely gives great coverage as you can see from the before and after photo.
  • It's easy to apply, easy to blend
  • Doesn't feel too heavy on the skin
  • Makeup applies well over it
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • Fragrance Free
  • The packaging is a dream, it's a tube with a pump!


  • It starts to break down around my t-zone after about 6 hours, even when it's powdered. Nothing a little touch up wouldn't fix, but still worth mentioning.
  • There are only 9 shades available.


The foundation comes in at around the €20 mark depending on where you're buying it. I think it's well worth it, it feel like a high end foundation bu at a more reasonable price. I really love this foundation and would give it 4.9/5. I would definitely go and purchase this myself, couldn't recommend it more! 

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think of Isadora products that you have tried? 

Erin X 
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Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review

After getting on so well with the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer, I was so excited when they released the foundation version!  

It claims to : offer lightweight yet buildable coverage, be oil-free, have a creamy formula that gives a demi-matte finish,  creates an even, airbrushed complexion. 

Packaging : The foundation is in a glass bottle with a doe foot applicator! It's essentially modeled like a giant concealer tub. It's quirky and different and I don't mind it, although it wouldn't be the most hygienic. As you know, pumps are my favorite! 

How does it apply : It applies really evenly with either a brush or beauty sponge. I didn't have any issues with other cream or powder products going onto of the foundation.

Coverage : It is definitely a full coverage foundation. While it claims to be leightweight, I would have to disagree. It's not super heavy but you can definitely feel it on your skin, it almost feels chalky. 

Long lasting : I found it to be very long lasting, it didn't seperate at all, although a few times I noticed it sort of balled up. This I think is more down to my skin type than the foundation itself. I noticed when blending it out that the shade got paler (which I find bizzare as most foundations that change shade would oxidise and get darker. I've never come across a foundation that actually gets paler. As a result making the foundation too light for my complexion. 

Who does it suit : I have dehydrated skin with some dry patches and I found it was actually quite horrible on me. I definitely wouldn't purchase it if you have dry or dehydrated skin. If you have oily skin though, it would be worth testing it out.

Shade Range: The shade range is fantastic with 50 different shades available on beauty bay and Superdrug.

Value for money : The foundation comes in at just over €12. The packaging is sturdy, you get 30ml of product and it's a decent formula if it suits your skin type!

Positives : It's affordable, easily available throughout the country, long lasting and gives great coverage. It's also vegan, cruelty free and paraben free. 

Negatives : The shade got paler when I blended it out, I noticed it clings to dry patches and feels chalky on the skin.

Overall : I have had in interesting journey with this foundation, as my skin concerns have changed since buying it! Initially my skin was quite oily around my t-zone, now however it's extremely dry and dehydrated. When my skin was on the oily side, I really enjoyed using the foundation either with a brush or beauty sponge. Now that my skin is dry however it looks awful on the skin. I'm only using it now to use it up and I definitely won't be repurchasing. However, if you have oily skin, it is very mattifying and might be worth giving it try.

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Wonder Water Facial Tan - Dripping Gold by SoSu

A couple of months ago I picked up the Wonder Water facial Tan by SoSu in Penneys and I've been using it on and off ever since. I don't typically tan every single week, I do it when I have an event, a night out or a special occasion. Since Christmas though, I've been tanning a lot more than usual so I said I'd give the Wonder Water facial tan a go since I'd heard such rave reviews on it. I bought mine in Penneys when it was on offer for €7, but it's usually €12.95.

My first impression was very positive, I never tan my face so wasn't sure what to expect. I was a bit afraid I'd end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. πŸ˜‚ But it all went to plan and when I woke up the next day I was delighted with how it turned out and since then, it's been my go to!


  • It's very affordable at €12.95 and I have seen it on a flash sale for €5 on the SoSu site a few times before.
  • It applies evenly, no streaks or patches.
  • It fades evenly too.
  • Makes the skin look beautifully tanned and healthy.
  • It's infused with Vitamin E.
  • It doesn't feel drying on the skin at all.
  • It's cruelty free, paraben free and vegan friendly.


  • If you have large pores like myself, sometimes it can clog them. I've only noticed this twice but still worth mentioning.

How to Use?
  1. Clean and moisturise your skin. 
  2. If you have blonde hair, make sure you use a hairband to completely cover your hair, otherwise the tan will stain your hair.
  3. Use a big fluffy brush (I use a powder brush) and spray the brush a few times (I do it 3 times approx).
  4. Apply to your face as if it was foundation.
  5. Let it dry and watch yourself turn into a bronzed goddess!

Here's a before and after pic for reference...

If you're looking to buy it, you can get it from or pick it up in any Penneys/pharmacy that stocks it. 

Have you tried it? What did you think?

Erin X 
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No Beauty Buy Year... 3 months in!

So, I’m officially three months in and to be very honest, I’m really surprised I’ve managed to make it this far. I definitely thought I’d have given in and bought something by now but I haven’t!! I have managed to get through three months and not buy any makeup, tan or skincare. This may seem like an easy task to some but I’m a makeup/beauty addict and this is probably the longest I’ve gone without buying makeup in literally about 10 years.

So here I am three months in, what have I learned? will I continue? how’s it going so far?

Well it’s certainly more difficult than I thought. The first month was probably the worst because all the new year sales came out and I found it hard to watch Instagram stories and YouTube videos of bloggers/influencers reviewing products. Towards the end of the month, my personal life got very busy and distracted me a lot so it started to get a bit easier. My housemates moved out and I took over the lease. This was super exciting because it meant I could throw myself into the world of interiors and redecorate the house a little bit. Beauty and makeup were the last thing on my mind to be honest.

I was still distracted by the house for the first week or so but then some fabulous launches came out and I was straight back to wanting to buy all the makeup! I decided to remind myself why I was doing the no beauty buy year, which was to mainly stop adding to my overwhelming beauty collection, used up what I have and appreciate all the beautiful products that I currently own. I saw LJ from @anythingbutmarizpan doing a #shopmystash challenge over on her Instagram and decided to jump on the bandwagon. Basically, shop my stash is where I pick out products at the beginning of the week and then I can only use those products for the entirety of that week. It has really REALLY helped me enjoy my own makeup collection again.

I spent most of the month on holiday which was amazing! I thought that this would be my biggest test of the year. I usually buy loads of stuff just before holiday, the first reason is because I like to give myself some pre-holiday treats like a new face mask or tan lol. The second reason is because I like to buy small travel sized bits and pieces and may “need” something. This time though I was well prepped, I did my #shopmystash holiday edition and realised that actually I have loads of makeup and definitely don’t “need” anything new. I’d about 10 tans to use up, loads of skincare that I could depot into travel bottles and plenty of makeup to see me through the holiday. I was also expecting the holiday itself to throw me off course because I was stopping in America and we all know how much I love a trip to Sephora. But I managed to ignore the cravings and keep my blinkers on. The rest of the month was actually easy as I threw myself into my #shopmystash challenge!

So that’s how’s it been thus far, a quarter way through the year. I’m actually thrilled with myself that I’ve managed to stick with it. I’ve learned that I had become the type of consumer to just buy everything and anything, I was literally like a magpie anything shiny and it HAD to be mine.

One interesting thing that I did notice is that my trips to Penneys/Primark are very different now. I hadn’t really noticed but every time I went in, I went immediately to the beauty section. I’m a big fan of the P.S beauty range (Penneys own brand of makeup) and they have new releases and products all the time. My local Penneys also stocks Essence (one of my favourite brands of all time) Catrice and a few other big brands. So, it was strange going in and trying to ignore the beauty section altogether. Now though I don’t mind too much going over and having a look but I think that’s also because I’m three months in know that I can definitely go a bit longer so I feel a bit stronger (I sound like a proper addict πŸ˜‚). This all sounds so stupid because its only makeup at the end of the day but any fellow beauty addicts will understand me (I hope).

I’m definitely going to stick with the #nobeautybuy for as long as I possibly can and I’m excited to see how far I can get with it. If you’re interested in my rules for the challenge and how it all began you can read this post HERE

I’ll check in again in about 3 months’ time, until then you can follow me on Instagram for daily/weekly updates!

Erin x
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2020 Goals

2020, I am very very ready for you!

I wanted to share a few of my goals on here, partially to keep me accountable and partially for me to come back and visit throughout the year and remind myself. I do have more goals set for myself but they're a little too personal for on here, but here's a list I don't minding sharing.

I really want to get back into reading. I love reading, actually. I hate starting a new book but once I'm into it, I'll be up to all hours reading. I really enjoy how a book can help you escape your own reality and travel into someone else's life and world, it's magic in a way. I have a few books on my to read list and I'm making it my mission to have them all read by this time next year!

I want to write more. I actually really love writing, whether it's about beauty, lifestyle or personal pieces like this, I enjoy it so much. Again I have an issue with actually starting but once I do, I'm off like a rocket. I want my blog to become a blog again if that makes sense. I was quite turned off blogging/social media this year. I very nearly packed it all up only a short time go. But in my heart of hearts, I knew I wasn't finished with it just yet. I know I say it all the time but I want to be more consistent with my content, hell I want to be more consistent with my life lol. I want to get through the 100's of makeup products that I own and used them up. I recently did a quick stock take of my makeup and the numbers were INSANE. I own over 60 foundations....I ONLY HAVE ONE FACE AND I DON'T EVEN WEAR MAKEUP EVERY DAY!!! Absolutely ridiculous! I'm actually going to be doing a #NoBeautyBuy for 2019 and you can read all about it "Here".

With my blog (and by blog I mean this site, YouTube, socials etc) I want to see growth again, I haven't really seen growth in about 2 years. This is 100% my fault. Yes, the algorithms are getting increasingly difficult but I don't do myself any favours and only get annoyed then when I don't see growth. I just got a ringlight for Christmas, a new camera and microphone for my birthday (thank you James) so I've no excuse. I actually love the process of blogging and making videos and creating content for Instagram etc so I wanna do it a lot more in 2020.

In saying that though, one of my big goals for 2020 is to get healthier. Healthier in mind, body and soul. I do need to lose weight. This was one of my goals last year and I did manage to lose about a stone and a half. I did that by cutting dairy and soy from my diet after learning that I was intolerant to them. I also feel like chocolate wasn't agreeing with me so I cut that out in July and I'm all the better for it. I want to continue to be good with my diet and avoid any and all slip ups if possible. I want to use my gym membership. I'd love to get to a point where going 3 times a week was just part of my routine. I want to also use their wellness facilities too such as the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi etc. I'm paying for it so I might as well. I'd love to set a goal like the women's mini marathon and do that. I think having a fitness goal with a timeline would be useful.

I wanna get organised again. I used to pride myself on always being so organised but I guess I got too overwhelmed in the latter half of the year and didn't have as much time as I'm used to and fell out of being organised. I used to start every day with a to-do list and do everything in my power to clear it. I could probably count on one hand the amount of to-do lists I've made over the past few months. I wanna be more productive, I need to I think in order to stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time and start feeling a bit prouder of myself on the daily.

I packed my 2019 full of adventures, I went to Paris, Orlando,Vegas,Greece and Berlin last year. I think I want 2020 to be a little bit quieter. I want to spend time with myself and those that deserve my time. Honestly I just want to be more unapologetically selfish and take back my life a little.

I'll leave you with a list of 5 things that I hope to achieve by this time next year...

  1. Women's Mini Marathon
  2. Use up 50% of the makeup products I have
  3. Read 10 books 
  4. Start doing yoga classes regularly
  5. Lose 1 stone

Lots of love,
Erin x

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No Beauty Buy 2020

I have been a beauty lover all my life, but I became some what of a beauty addict over the last 5 years! It's now gotten to the stage where I've forgotten the majority of my collection because there's just so much of it and ultimately it's such a waste. I'm spending a fortune and not even getting the use out of the products!

I think the addiction actually stems from most brands nowadays dropping new releases every two weeks! It can't just be me that's overwhelmed by the sheer volume of makeup launches the beauty industry has seen over the past few years. It used to be a big deal when a band was bring out a new collection, now it's just another Tuesday.

Recently I was going through my makeup, reorganising everything and I was kinda surprised by how much I've actually accumulated. I did a quick stock take and was shocked by the numbers. I have over 60 foundations for example...why??? I ONLY HAVE ONE FACE!!! That's more than a new foundation every week for a year. SO this has spurred me on to do the no beauty buy challenge this year. A few other people are doing it too, @anythingbutmarzipan being one of the biggest inspirations to me, she is going to do it for the whole year.

Reasons I'm Doing #NoBeautyBuy

  • To test myself and see if I can resist and learn some self control again when it comes to makeup and beauty.
  • To save some €€€.
  • To use up/ significantly reduce my current collection.
  • To properly use my makeup and start doing full reviews again.
  • I am quite impulsive when buying makeup and I want to become more critical of new releases, deals etc.
  • Learn to enjoy what I have currently.

Rules & Exceptions
  • If I run out of a product, I must use up any backups or samples before buying.
  • I cannot buy any new products unless I genuinely need them eg. if I run out cleanser or another essential item.
  • I am only focusing on makeup and skincare as I am already quite good for using up shampoos, body washes etc. 
  • If I do need to replace anything, I will do my best to find a product that is very good value and do research on the product before buying (something I haven't really been doing recently).

Being totally honest, I don't know if I can do this for a whole year, I certainly have enough makeup but I think I'll run out of skincare quickly enough. I think if I was to do this #NoBeuatyBuy every second month I'd still see a big reduction in the products I own and still make a decent saving. I know I'm going to America this year and I just can't imagine limiting myself on that trip as I'm not planning any American holidays after this one for quite a while. SO while I am going to be very strict on myself, there are a few cases where I will allow myself to spend and enjoy new products. I'll do my best to give an update at the end of each month I do this and if I post about it on Instagram I'll be using #NoBeautyBuy and #Chasingrubychat so it'll be easy to follow. 

Have you ever attempted a #NoBeautyBuy challenge? Would you ever consider it?

Erin X 
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Iconic Bronze Luxury Tanning Mousse

When I went to the fabulous Blogger Bash Galway event run by the gorgeous Ciara from @Mummys_make_up and Erika from @sassylifesecretsbyerika we got a lovely bag filled with #gifted products from PRs. One of the products was from Iconic Bronze and I couldn't have been more thrilled. I have wanted to try out this tan since it launched but always had too many in my collection to justify buying another bottle of tan (I wish I was this strong willed when it came to the rest of my beauty collectionπŸ™ˆ).

We were #gifted a small travel/sample sized version of the Iconic Bronze Luxury Tanning Mousse along with their Iconic Bronze Luxury Tanning Mitt. The mitt is lovely to use, I haven't used another velvet mitt so I can't compare it to anything else other than the basic non velvet mitts that I've always used. I thought the mitt would absorb a lot of product but it didn't seem to at all which is fab! It's super soft and very easy to use. It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts and if it's worth the €7.99 price tag. Personally I go through tanning mitts quite quickly so to spend almost double what I would usually spend on one, I would want to be getting at least double the use and longevity from it. So far though I'm very happy with it.

Onto the actual tan itself. I was given the shade 'medium' which at first I was apprehensive about as I usually go for the darkest of dark when it comes to tan. When I fist applied it, it reminded me a lot of how Sally Hansen tan applies, almost like body makeup. But it's actually just got really great coverage which is why I found it a little thicker than other tans. It actually applied like a dream, as it's instant you can properly blend it so that you don't end up with patches or streaks etc. Initially I was really happy with how it turned out. After a few hours I noticed that it really did darken up, which I was only delighted about!! It still doesn't go very dark but as you can see from the before and after shot below, it's pretty dark.

So how did it last? It lasted well, I ended up with a few patches under my arm but to be completely honest, I was out drinking for the day so I think I was just leaning on tables etc and the tan lifted before it really set because the rest of me was perfect. It lasted for about 4/5 days before it started to fade. I wasn't too difficult to remove, about three showers and a little bit of scrubbing! I didn't use any particular tan remover or anything just my normal shower scrub.

Overall I enjoyed using it and will be bringing it on holidays with me and would probably pick up the darker shade the next time I run out of tan. It costs €13.99 and can be bought on their website which I will link HERE and you can also pick it up in Penneys/Primark!

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Penneys P.S Bronze Glow Instant Tan Gel Review

I have been using the PS Bronze Glow Instant Tan since it launched well over a year ago now. I've probably gone through about 8 tubes of it in that time so I thought it was about time I sat down and wrote a review!

Obviously the fact that I've gone through so many tubes and continued to repurchase is a clear giveaway that I fecking love it! Here's why...

  • It only cost €3!!!
  • You get 125mls of product - This suits me as I don't use it every week so I do get a decent bit of time out of it before it runs out.
  • It is a gel formula 
  • It is an instant tan but it dry down a little darker than it initially seems
  • It's a wash off tan which means the tiniest drop of water will remove it with ease. 
  • I usually go for the shade medium to dark or dark - I love how dark it gets me! If you wanna be totally mahogo then you'll love the dark shade too!
  • The packaging is lovely - gorgeous blue colour
  • It's a squeezy tube so it's easy to use but I can see how it might not be best to travel with as the lid can get very messy. 
  • The best thing about it? No tan smell πŸ™Œ Because the tan smells quite fresh, almost floral it covers the tan smell, although after 24 hours that starts to fade. 
Here's a before and after photo! 

That's pretty much it to be honest, a tan that is cheap as chips and is bloody fantastic! I honestly cannot recommend this enough! Big probs to Penneys for creating such a bomb product at such an affordable price! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Have you tried any of the Penneys/Primark Tans? 

Erin X
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The Foundation Files #2 | Elf Flawless Finish Foundation Review

I started a new series over on Instagram called the Foundation Files! Each week I take a foundation and review it, some are new to me, some I've had in my collection for a while! This week I reviewed the Elf Flawless Finish foundation. I try to make my reviews, relatively quick and straight to the point while still giving you as much information about the product as possible! Let's get started...

It claims to : be lightweight, oil-free, have a semi-matte finish, to last all day long and to restore uneven skin textures and tones for visibly brighter skin. 

Packaging : The foundation is in a frosted glass bottle with a pump! It's quite sturdy and sleek.

How does it apply : I apply it with a brush first to get the best coverage possible, then go over it with a beauty blender. I think it would be too chalky on my skin ti not go over it with a beauty blender.

Coverage : I've seen a lot of reviews online saying it's a medium coverage foundation that you can build to be full coverage. I definitely disagree, after three layers I still can't get it to be full coverage. However it does give nice coverage and for me it's the perfect amount of coverage for everyday wear, but if I was going on a night out, I wouldn't reach for it!

Long lasting : This claim I can get on board with, it certainly does wear very well throughout the day!

Who does it suit : I have dehydrated skin with some dry patches and I found it suited me perfectly.

Shade Range: The shade range is impressive at 40 different shades however there are only 5 shades available on Superdrug and only 9 available on boots, which is a shame!

Value for money : The foundation comes in at €9 which I think is a good price for what you get. The packaging is sturdy, you get 30ml of product and it's a decent formula!

Positives : It's affordable, easily available throughout the country, long lasting and gives decent coverage.

Negatives : It claims to be lightweight and while it's not a heavy foundation by any means, it can feel kind of chalky and I can definitely feel it on my skin!

Overall : I think the foundation is nice but I don't reach for it too often, probably wouldn't travel with it and ultimately don't think I'd repurchase it!

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

Erin X

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