No Beauty Buy 2020

I have been a beauty lover all my life, but I became some what of a beauty addict over the last 5 years! It's now gotten to the stage where I've forgotten the majority of my collection because there's just so much of it and ultimately it's such a waste. I'm spending a fortune and not even getting the use out of the products!

I think the addiction actually stems from most brands nowadays dropping new releases every two weeks! It can't just be me that's overwhelmed by the sheer volume of makeup launches the beauty industry has seen over the past few years. It used to be a big deal when a band was bring out a new collection, now it's just another Tuesday.

Recently I was going through my makeup, reorganising everything and I was kinda surprised by how much I've actually accumulated. I did a quick stock take and was shocked by the numbers. I have over 60 foundations for example...why??? I ONLY HAVE ONE FACE!!! That's more than a new foundation every week for a year. SO this has spurred me on to do the no beauty buy challenge this year. A few other people are doing it too, @anythingbutmarzipan being one of the biggest inspirations to me, she is going to do it for the whole year.

Reasons I'm Doing #NoBeautyBuy

  • To test myself and see if I can resist and learn some self control again when it comes to makeup and beauty.
  • To save some €€€.
  • To use up/ significantly reduce my current collection.
  • To properly use my makeup and start doing full reviews again.
  • I am quite impulsive when buying makeup and I want to become more critical of new releases, deals etc.
  • Learn to enjoy what I have currently.

Rules & Exceptions
  • If I run out of a product, I must use up any backups or samples before buying.
  • I cannot buy any new products unless I genuinely need them eg. if I run out cleanser or another essential item.
  • I am only focusing on makeup and skincare as I am already quite good for using up shampoos, body washes etc. 
  • If I do need to replace anything, I will do my best to find a product that is very good value and do research on the product before buying (something I haven't really been doing recently).

Being totally honest, I don't know if I can do this for a whole year, I certainly have enough makeup but I think I'll run out of skincare quickly enough. I think if I was to do this #NoBeuatyBuy every second month I'd still see a big reduction in the products I own and still make a decent saving. I know I'm going to America this year and I just can't imagine limiting myself on that trip as I'm not planning any American holidays after this one for quite a while. SO while I am going to be very strict on myself, there are a few cases where I will allow myself to spend and enjoy new products. I'll do my best to give an update at the end of each month I do this and if I post about it on Instagram I'll be using #NoBeautyBuy and #Chasingrubychat so it'll be easy to follow. 

Have you ever attempted a #NoBeautyBuy challenge? Would you ever consider it?

Erin X 
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