Fave Bloggers and Vloggers in February

Hi everyone ! I'm back sharing some of the blogging love, I'm going to tell you all about the bloggers and YouTubers that I've been loving this month! I love doing these posts, it's a great way to find new blogs and YT channels. So all of the following are people that I have been loving in one way or another this month...

 I'm going to start with my fave YouTubers this month. They're all Irish yet again !!! I've been finding so many Irish YouTubers lately, it's brilliant. A couple of months ago, I only knew of a few Irish YouTubers but I'm finding more and more everyday ! If you follow me on Twitter,you'll know that I decided that I want to start a YouTube channel too. I won't be starting it until exams are over in May but these girls are such inspirations and I always watch all their videos.

1. Dramatic Mac : I found Aisling's YT channel at the end of December and have been loving her ever since. She does a mix of videos, beauty, hair, fashion and health. I really her videos, she's very confident and insanely beautiful and her videos are great. THIS has been my fave video of hers this month.

2. MonsterMakeUpXx : This is one of my favourite beauty YT channels. Dale's makeup is always amazing and I think she's just stunning. I love watching her vlogs too because she's absolutely hilarious they put you in the best mood.THIS has been my fave video of hers this month.

3. My Makeup Perspective : The thing I love about Laura is her honesty. She's very very honest, but I love it. There's no bullshit, you know when she says she likes a product, that she genuinely does and isn't just saying she likes it for sponsorship. Her vlogs are hilarious especially this one (which is actually on her new travel vlogging channel) I really trust her judgement on products and just genuinely really like both her channels. THIS has been my fave video of hers this month.

4. Naked Without My Lippie : I found Holly's channel around the same time that I found Aislings. Holly does beauty, makeup, vlogs and lots of other videos. I really like Holly, I think she's very down to earth and her videos are a genuinely a pleasure to watch. THIS has been my fave video of hers this month.

Onto my fave bloggers ! I read so many different types of blogs from beauty to food to lifestyle and everything in between. This month however I've been super busy so I haven't had as much time to read blogs. The blogs that I did get time to read are some of my fave. These lovely ladies are who I've been loving this month....

1.Style Gamblers : Style gamblers in run by two lovely ladies, Veronika and Agata. They do the most beautiful fashion posts and they're just so stylish. I love seeing all their posts. My favourite this month was THIS post.

2. A Judge Less Life : Bebhinn is an Irish blogger like myself. I really love her blog and I can't wait to meet her in person ! Her blog is dominantly a beauty blog with a few good lifestyle posts. THIS  is my fave post this month.

3. Another Student Blog : I love reading other student blogs ! Abbie has a great student blog and I love reading her posts. If you haven't checked her out, you definitely need to ! THIS is my fave post this month.

SO they were my fave bloggers and vloggers for Feb. Who was your favourite ?

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5 Favourites | February

This month as flown by, its been super busy and fun ! I've been loving so many things this month. One of the best days was Feb 8th when I finally got to meet everyone from the ITWBN family at our big meetup. We got so many amazing things in our goody bags and I have just been loving them all !! If you follow me on instagram, you'll have seen me raving about some of these already ! So on with the favourites....

1.Disney Up Necklace : I have been obsessed with this necklace all month ! James got it for me ages ago, but this month I seem to be wearing it almost everyday. 

2. ITWBN Meetup : This was by far my favourite day this month, I did a full post on it HERE if you're interested.

3. Isadora Nail Polish : I received this 'classy nude' shade and a top coat in our ITWBN goody bag, and since I first tried it on my nails, I've loved it and it hasn't been off them since ! I couldn't recommend this nail polish more.

4. My College Ball Dress : I went to my first college ball last week and had a fantastic night, I loved my dress so much. I picked it up in Pamela Scott about 3 weeks before the ball and got it on sale ! Couldn't of felt more comfortable in it, and the fit was perfect.

5. Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette : James bought me this for Valentines day and I was over the moon when I seen it. The colours are so pretty and actually very pigmented. I really love this palette and have been using it since I got it !

SO that's everything I've been loving this month ! What have you been loving ?

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My Travel Skincare Essentials

Hello everyone ! Over the Christmas holidays I found myself packing my skincare again and again. By the last few times I was packing, I was a pro. I'd figured out exactly what was absolutely essential and what wasn't.

The first thing that I always bring is my cleansing oil. It is by far the easiest way to remove makeup. I use The Body Shop Camomile cleansing oil. It really is amazing at removing make up. Usually about three pumps is enough to cover my entire face, I simply message it in and use a cotton flannel to wipe it away.If you haven't tried this yet, I definitely recommend it to you.

I also bring the Garnier Micellar cleansing water with me as I don't always wear a full face of makeup. The micellar water is perfect for these days. It really is a magical product and one of my best beauty finds of 2014. It's very long lasting and really affordable.

I usually use the Lancome cleansing lotion in the morning. It's really cooling and always leaves my skin feeling super soft. It has a really nice scent to it as well but it's very subtle. I think this retails for about €27 but it's really worth it in my opinion. It lasts for about three months and never disappoints.

Another Lancome product that I think is an essential is the Bi-Facial Non-Oily Sensitive Eyes Instant Cleanser. This really is amazing. Although I swear by The Body Shop cleansing oil for my face, I always use the Lancome cleansing oil for my eyes. I find it less oily and actually removes eye makeup better.

After all my cleansing, I like top keep my skin hydrated with this Nivea moisturiser. It keeps my skin great condition. It's really good quality and very affordable. If you're looking for a new moisturiser then look no further, this is what you need.

 Last but by no means least, for my lips I always carry Carmex lip balm with me. I have quite a few different Carmex products but this is definitely my favourite. Its so small and compact that it fits perfectly in any size handbag. It really is the best lip balm I've tried. I get awful chapped lips during the Winter months and this little balm is a life saver ! I never leave home without it.

So that's what I bring with me every time I have to travel. I used to bring so much more but ended up not using half of it and just carrying it around. These are my absolute essentials. I hope you have enjoyed this post. I know I love reading what people bring with them on their travels.

What do you consider your travel skincare essentials ?

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Off To The Ball

Hi everyone ! Last week was super busy, it was week filled with deadlines, my last being due in at 1 pm Thursday afternoon. Even though it was a stressful week I had something fabulous to look forward to, the Tri Faculty Ball !! I've been so excited about the ball for weeks. The Tri Faculty Ball is essentially a ball for students within three faculties of the university (Engineering and Science department,Arts, Humanities & Social Studies, and Education & Health Sciences).

Once I finished my assignment on Thursday afternoon I rushed home and started getting ready for the ball. I bought the dress in Pamela Scott about two weeks prior. There was a massive sale on and I managed to get this beautiful dress for only €25 !! I couldn't believe my luck. I love the dress so much, it's such an unusual colour, kind of a pinky purply red. I love the mesh detail in the sides of the waist and also how the neckline/ chest area is open but in a classy elegant way.

I had tried out a few makeup looks to go with the dress and decided on a pinky/fushia smokey eye, using my new 144 makeup revolution palette (which I am obsessed with). I used the NYX 561 Violet  Ray on my lips, the colour was absolutely perfect! The rest of my face I kept very simple, I didn't want any crazy blush or contouring to make it look too busy ! I used my new Isadora nail polish and top coat for my nails. The colour was just perfect and I've done a whole post about how much I love this nail polish HERE.

So after I was all dolled up, myself and James headed into one of our friends house for some pics and pre drinks. Around half six we all got taxis to the Strand Hotel where the ball was taking place. I'd never been to the Strand before but it's such a lovely little hotel. We headed inside and got some tables and waited for our three course meal.

For starters we had soup, dinner was turkey and ham and dessert was apple crumble and ice-cream ! The food was delicious ! After the food, the band came out and we spent the rest of the night dancing, taking silly pics and making great memories !

It was such a great night and I had an amazing time. I can't wait for more college balls in the future ! Have you been to any balls recently or have any really great memories from any balls ? Let me know in the comments !

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Manicure Monday

These are the very first nail polishes that I've tried from Isadora. I got them as part of my blogger goody bag at the ITWBN event that I went to at the beginning of February. This is such a perfect shade of nude. The formula is great and has stayed on my nails without chipping for the last six days !! If you've read any of my other Manicure Monday posts, you'll know that the brush for applying nail polish is a big thing for me. I like these brushes, not my favourite brushes but I don't have any complaints about them really. I think the colour itself and the formula are very pigmented and only needed one coat. It applies smoothly and also dries very quickly which is great. I really really like this nail polish and will for sure be trying out some other nail polishes from Isadora.

Have you tried any nail polishes from Isadora ?

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100 Days of Happiness | Week 6

Hi everyone ! I hope you all had a fantastic week. My week started off very stressful and hectic as I had a lot of deadlines due, but I remained positive and never let it get to me. I also went to my first college ball, had a great catch up with one of my besties and just felt happy in general. So here's my week in pictures, If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen most of the pics already !

I have been obsessing over my Disney Up necklace all week ! It's so cute and I love it so much.

Always try to be positive because that shiz is contagious ! 

Being brave and wearing bright orange lipstick !

A little Essence haul !

My first college ball !

Absolutely loving my Isadora nail polish

Happy happy happy !

So that was my week how was yours ? What did you get up to ?

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The Netflix Tag

Hi everyone ! I saw this tag over on Jemma's page (www.dorkface.co.uk) a while ago and I really wanted to do it too as I've become quite obsessed with Netflix. I loved reading her post as it gave me some ideas on series' to watch and hopefully this post will help you if you're looking for some new series too !

1. What are your favourite series' to watch on Netflix ?
 Orange is the new black, Gossip Girl , Friends.

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix ?
Up until last week I was watching Gossip Girl, when GG came out I kind of missed it and only started watching because I seen so many other bloggers rave about it, three weeks later and the full six series has been watched !

3. If you could have any series, old or new put on Netflix, what would it be ?
My mad fat diary. I used to love that show, I think it was cancelled I haven't heard anything about in in ages.

4. What is your one peeve about Netflix ?
Sometimes when you're browsing you can end up scrolling for ages, so I guess the Navigation itself annoys me.

5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix ?
Big fluffy blanket, minnie mouse pj bottoms and a big over sized jumper with hot chocolate and a few nibbles, I love either grapes or strawberries !

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.
Sherlock Holmes - Blew my mind, I thought I'd hate it and only really watched it because James really wanted to, but about half an hour into the first episode and I was hooked !

7. Name a series on Netflix you keep meaning to watch but haven't yet.
There's so many ! Homeland, Better call Saul, The Office oh I could go on forever.

8. Did you discover anything awesome because of Netflix ?
Yes ! There's this great little series called Outnumbered. It's based on a normal everyday family in England and it's just brilliant. Very easy to watch and the episodes are only like 30 mins.

So that was The Netflix Tag ! I hope you enjoyed it and if you've done it / do it please link it up in the comments I'd love to have a read ! What are your favourite series on Netflix?

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100 Days of Happiness Week 5

Hi everyone ! Week 5 of my 100 days of Happiness has been very happy indeed. I spent loads of time with friends and getting all of my college stuff organised. It was a pretty productive week and I hope it continues.

I met my friend Grainne for a little Starbucks date and had a lovely catch up !
I bought my tickets to the Tri-Faculty ball, I am so excited !!!

James surprised me with an early Valentines present. I could not be more in love with this palette.

I had a proper look through the Isadora makeup bag I was given at the ITWBN event and found these little beauties !

I was in the best mood on Friday !

Ended the week perfectly with friends and McDonalds.

So that was my week, how was yours ?

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Manicure Monday

Hello lovelies ! It's Monday which means another Mani Monday ! I was recently in Pennies (Primark) and seen the Catrice stand. I've never tried any Catrice products before so I thought I'd give the nail polishes a go. I picked up this dark little beauty '38 Vino Tinto'. It's a very dark purple, it's almost brown. I really love the colour, I usually go for quite bright vibrant colours so this is a nice change. So what did I think ? I actually really liked this nail polish. The formulation is great and the brush is nice and wide but not too big either. If you've read some of my other Manicure Monday posts, you'll know the brush is a big deal to me. I just hate the small ones that end up taking an hour to cover one nail ! This brush is really good. The formula was really nice too, it applied very smoothly and I didn't have much trouble at all. I'll definitely be buying more Catrice nail polishes.

What's on your nails recently ?

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Pinspiration | Valentines Outfit Ideas

Image Source
Valentines Day is just around the corner and sometimes it's hard to know what to wear ! I've been scouring Pinterest looking for some inspiration and have come to you with my favourite looks. Now of course not everyone will be getting dolled up and going out but for those of you that are, be it with your boyfriend/partner or on a date night with the girls, here are some fab outfits for a fab night ! I love all four looks, some are dressy while the others are more casual. These looks are very much to my style, I love anything girly and pink. I wear dressed nearly everyday. My favourite look is probably the second one, as I'm obsessed with Tulle skirts. I also think it's very classy !

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas. What will you be doing for Valentines Day and what will you be wearing ? Let me know in the comments !

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Pinspiration | Valentines Nails

Image source

So this weekend is Valentines weekend ! I've been spending a little ( more like a lot) of time on Pinterest and one thing that's really popular at the moment is nail art ideas for Valentines day ! I love looking at all the amazing nail art on Pinterest, I just think some of the designs are fantastic ! I've chosen my top four nail ideas as you can see in the picture and I just wanted to show them to you, to maybe give you some ideas if you're lacking inspiration. I may attempt to try or or two of these designs, if I do it'll be on my Instagram so make sure you're following me ! I have also pinned a ton of other ideas for V day so if you're not really feeling any of these, I've pinned loads more on my 'Nailed It' board on Pinterest which you can see HERE !

Do you like any of the ideas above ? What will your nails be looking like on the 14th ?

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100 Fit Days Week 3 + Week 4

I feel like a bit of a fraud sitting down to write this post, which is why I've waited so long to actually write it up. To be perfectly honest the last too weeks I've done very little exercise, so I don't really feel right titling this post 100 fit days. My excuses ? College. I've just started back and this semester is completely different to last semester. I don't have any end of term exams, it's all continuous assessment, which sounds great in theory but actually it's a total pain ! I'm constantly busy with assignments due every week.

 The change in college work and of course socializing with my college friends has been the  reason my fitness has been pushed to the side. It's always 'I'll do it later' then 'I'm too tired, I'll do better tomorrow'. It's now over two weeks of this and already I'm noticing the effects. I starting to feel sluggish again and my skin is breakout more. I've tried to motivate myself by buying some new workout gear, which did work for about two days.

SO in order to get back on the right track I'm setting myself some daily goals and I'm sharing them here so there's a bit more pressure on me to actually do them !

1 > Drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day
2 >Plan Plan Plan, make sure I've scheduled a specific time each day to exercise
3 > Do at least 1 hour of exercise everyday
4 > Eat healthy foods and snacks

Not every day was a failure over the last two weeks, here's some pictures of my good days !

Healthy snacks and some lovely walks !

Throwback to when I did Kilimanjaro, and recruiting a walking budding !
Have you ever been in my situation where life just gets in the way ? How did you get through it ?

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ITWBN Blogger Event

Hi everyone ! I went to my first ever blogger event/meetup !!! I went to the Into the West Blogging Network event in the Radisson Blu hotel in Galway. If you haven't heard of ITWBN, where have you been ?? ITWBN is a network for created by bloggers (two very fabulous one may I add) for bloggers. It's an Irish network so it's for Irish bloggers both at home in Ireland but also abroad.
A quick selfie before the event and everything that was on my face !
The event was held in the beautiful Radisson Blu hotel which I was lucky enough to stay in, I've done a full post HERE ! The event started at 1.30 and I was beyond nervous,my hands were literally shaking. But then I suddenly seen Meggan from Cardigan Jezebel who I recently featured in my January favourites . I was so happy to finally meet her and she was so lovely and I started to relax. Soon I met Aine from Social Onya who is incredibly lovely and who I share lots of common interests with .

We went inside to the fabulous event and we found our tables. I was placed at the very luxurious high marble table and I realised that I was sitting one person away from Susan from Makeup By Rubysue. I was so excited to actually see her in person, I'd liked Susan's facebook page before I even read blogs so I was quite nervous to approach her. But I  soon got over myself and went over and introduced myself. She is honestly so incredibly nice, so welcoming and the easiest person to talk to, I warmed to her immediately ! I could go on forever about how many more bloggers that I 'know' virtually and then actually met them and how I now not only do I virtually love them but love them in 'real life' too. Everyone was so incredibly nice.

Lots of selfies and selfie stick wars !
So the event started ! The lovely Saibh welcomed us and the talks began. Up first was Maricka from OMIG who spoke about SEO. I loved this talk as it fits in well with my course at college. Then a talk from my fave Irish vlogger Siobhan from Letz Makeup. If you don't know Siobhan she's one of the top 3 youtubers in Ireland and is an insanely talented make up artist. If you read my January Favourites you'll have seen me mention her already. If you haven't checked out her YT, you really should. She spoke about her journey as a vlogger and the life she leads as a YouTuber, She was very motivational and I came away from that talk wanting to start a YouTube channel which I was previously terrified to do.
On the right I got to meet Siobhan from Letz Makeup who is so genuine and lovely in person. On the left I met Sinead from The Beautiful Truth who I featured in my January Favourites as well, I was so thrilled to meet her she's been such an inspiration and it was great to know that she's so bubbly and nice in 'real life'.

We then had a break and chance to browse the many stands that were there, my favourite being the Young Blood stand. I have never used any Young Blood products before but I've heard other bloggers rave about them. They were lovely enough to give me a little sample of their primer and foundation. I cannot wait to try them ! We got a chance to mingle and eat some amazing food !

When we were finished socializing the talks started up again. Richie from BEUTiFi  spoke next and told us all about their fab new website that will make everyone's life that little bit easier ! Then we had the very charming Galway Player talk to us about Twitter and how to use it effectively. Last but by no means least we had the beautiful Kate from Cocoa Brown speak to us about the brilliant brand that is Cocoa Brown and also about PR's and how you should go about approaching them. I found all of these talks extremely helpful.

Then we had another little while to socialize before the winners of the 'on the day' prizes were announced. And would you believe that I, the girl who never wins anything, won another prize !!! I won a free entry to an essential oils class ! I'm so excited to go and I'm sure I'll be doing a post afterwards about the day so watch out for that !

The goody bags !! Oh my God, to say we were spoiled would be a complete understatement ! There was so much in them and the value must have been well above €100. You can see everything we got in the pictures but I forgot to photograph the makeup bag full of goodies from Isadora Ireland because I used them this morning *my bad*.

This was my first ever event/meetup and it was simply amazing. The ITWBN group are the loveliest of people, they made me feel so welcome and I truly feel part of the family now. I cannot wait to go to the next event in May. Unfortunately Sinead from Yummy Mummy who organised the event with Saibh couldn't be there but I'm so looking forward to meeting her in May ! I just want to thank and congratulate both Sinead and Saibh on such an incredible event !
I ended the day with a few selfies !

Has anyone else been to a event recently ?  What was your first meetup like ?

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