Fave Bloggers and Vloggers in April

April has been a great month for me, after a very busy March I finally got back on track. I've been loving some pretty fantastic bloggers and Youtubers this month and I'm going to share some of the stand outs with you....


Through the Mirror : I love Caitlin's blog. I've been a reader for quite a while now and I'm a big fan. Through the Mirror is a blog based around beauty and lifestyle. Between Caitlin's blog design, content and frequent posts you'll be hooked in no time. My fave post this month was THIS one !

Underland to Wonderland : I found Danielle's blog through Twitter and I'm so happy I did! First of all can we just all take a moment to appreciate her amazing header !! There is so much to read and it's all high quality content. You really need to check out this amazing blog. My fave post this month was THIS  one !

The Two Darlings : A fellow ITWBN lady, who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, but I will soon hopefully. Eimear is the fantastic writer behind The Two Darlings. She writes about beauty, DIY, fashion and parenting. I absolutely love her parenting posts about her (excuse the pun) two little darlings. Even though I'm obviously not a parent, I still really enjoy her little tales and tips.  My fave post this month was THIS one !

Bec Boop : Another ITWBN lady, who I also haven't had the pleasure of meeting is Rebecca from Bec Boop. Rebecca's blog is all about fashion and beauty. I love her fashion posts. She always shoots in really cool locations and of course has AMAZING style. She also has a Youtube channel which I have been loving so make sure you pop over and subscribe.  My fave post this month was THIS one !


Lozzy Loves Lippy : I have been loving the lovely Laura's channel this month. Laura is a beauty Youtuber from Northern Ireland but living in Leeds. She uploads quite regularly which is always a good thing. She also helped me name my Youtube channel 'chasing ruby chat' and for that I'm very grateful. My fave video this month was THIS one !

My Pale Skin : I have been a huge fan of Em's blog for aaaaages and when I realised that she was doing Youtube too I immediately subscribed. Em has acne just like me but covers it like no one else. I love seeing how she creates so many looks and manages to cover up her acne. She is my absolute inspiration when it comes to covering my own acne. You need to go and check out her channel. My fave video this month was THIS one !

Jaclyn Hill : Ok if you haven't heard of Jaclyn Hill then you must be living under a rock !!! This woman is just freaking AMAZING !!! One of my fave Youtubers of all time !!! I'm not even going to go on as most of you will know and love her already !! My fave video this month was THIS ONE !

So that's who I've been loving this month !! Please do check out all the bloggers and Youtubers, they are all amazing!! Who have you been loving this month ?

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5 Favourites | April

April has been a great month. I bought a proper camera so I can finally start my Youtube channel. I've also just submitted my very last assignment for this semester meaning I'm finished and my summer starts today !! As usual the month has flown by but it's been a really good positive month. Here are some of my favourite things from April....

1. Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip : You may have seen my post about going to the races, I used Cocoa Brown's 1 hour tan for that but continued on with Chocolate Whip for the next few days. It really helped keep my tan going that extra little bit, not to mention it smells SO good, very chocolaty indeed. It's also really hydrating and my skin has been loving it.

2. Coral Handbag : I picked up this bag in Pennies a while ago in a sale. It was only €3 so I said why not! I'm so happy I bought it, I've used it so much this month. The sun finally came out here in Ireland and this bag was perfect for those sunny days. It's actually very big but looks small. I can easily fit a pair of flats and all the makeup I bring on a night out into this bag.

3. O! WOW Brush : You might have seen me raving about this brush in yesterday's review. If you have then you'll know I'm obsessed, I won't go on about it again but if you want to read the review, you can read it HERE !!

4. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette : I have found myself using this palette on a daily basis. It really is the perfect palette. The highlighter is one of my all time favourite highlighters and the blush is perfect for Spring/Summer. The contour suits my skin very well, it's not too dark and gives a natural finish.

5. Essence Lipstick : I may have found my favourite nude shade. Who knew it'd come so cheap. This is of course Essence 'Oh So Matt'. It's just lovely, very hydrating and long lasting. I'm going through it like there's no tomorrow and will have to repurchase it again soon.

So that's what I've been loving this month, what have you been loving ?

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Brand Focus | Cailyn Cosmetics Review

Hi everyone, today I'm talking all things Cailyn. I was approached to review three products by Cailyn Cosmetics and since I'd never actually heard of them before, I was very curious. Cailyn is an American brand imported by LVEssentials. So I have three products that I want to discuss and I'll start with my favourite....

The O! WOW brush ! Whoever named this brush was on the ball. I'll admit that using it the very first time I did actually say 'OH WOW' . This brush has transformed how foundation sits on my face. It gives an airbrush finish. The bristles are incredibly soft and tightly packed. It's very easy to use. You simply put the foundation on the brush or your face which ever you prefer, and pull and push it until you're happy. It blends and buffs foundation into your skin effortlessly. There's no streaks that other brushes leave. I actually much prefer this brush that the Real Techniques foundation brush. I have noticed such a huge difference since starting to use this brush, people compliment my skin not my makeup, which if you've dealt with bad acne you'll know that that is a major deal !!  I have washed it quite a few times and no bristles fell out however because the bristles are so tightly packed, make sure you give this brush a little extra time when cleaning it. It's also very slim which is ideal for travel. All in all, this brush is magic and you NEED it in your life.

Next up is the BB Fluid Touch Compact. Ok so the packaging of this BB fluid is like nothing I've seen before, it's a little compact that would fit perfect inside any handbag/makeup bag. It has a mirror which is always useful, but what sold me is how the BB fluid came out. When you press the button, the fluid is released through a little hole. It only gives out a little bit. I think this is brilliant because I'm forever squeezing too much foundation out onto my hand and wasting it. With this, you're completely in control. Also, the area around the hole is great if like me you need a combination of two colours to get the right match for your skin, there's plenty of room to mix them. I love the fact that it's so hygienic too, once I'm finished I always wipe away any excess of marks and it looks brand new again.

 As for the fluid itself, it's definitely full coverage. I was sent the shade 04 sand which is too dark me for everyday wear, but I've worn it on nights out and when I've had tan on. I really love the formula. It doesn't dry out my face and it lasts between 8-10 hours in my experience. I would definitely purchase it in a lighter shade. It is in my opinion on the high end side both in quality and price. It can be bought HERE for €29.99 however I think it's worth it. If you're looking for a lightweight, moisturising, brightening but concealing cream/foundation then this compact is definitely worth checking out.

Last but by no means least is the Idefine liquid brush eyeliner. If you're looking for a liquid eyeliner that has a very thin brush then this is perfect for you. I have a love/hate relationship with this product. It's not very long lasting, for me it lasted about four hours before I needed to touch it up. It is black but if you're putting it on over an eye primer of concealer it can look a little grey and needs a few layers. But on the other side of things, It's great for the corner of your eye and perfecting the winged eyeliner look. I love how thin the brush is and haven't come across a liquid eyeliner that gives you such control. All in all, I do use it regularly sometimes, I start with the Idefine to perfect the inner corners then move onto another liner to get the dramatic look I usually go for. I probably would purchase it, had it not been sent to me.

So all in all I've loved trying out these products and I'm excited to try some more products after having such success with these three. All of the products mentioned above can be purchased from THIS WEBSITE !! Have you ever tried anything from Cailyn ? If so what did you think ?

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Beauty Review | Benefit's Brow Zings

Brows are a huge trend at the moment ! I never really paid attention to brows when I was younger and now when I look back at photos I cringe, asking why no one ever told me to fill them in and give them a bit of colour !! Eyebrows can really shape your face and pull a whole look together. For ages, I just used eye shadow to fill them in. While this did a decent job, I was never overly happy with them. I attended a master class event with benefit at the start of the year and one of the beauticians was actually a specialist in eyebrows and yes that is a real thing ! She showed us exactly how to shape our brows and showed us the difference it makes. Immediately I was hooked and knew I needed the Brow Zings in my life, however at €34 it's not exactly in my student weekly budget.

Soon after I went to the ITWBN event and in our AMAZING goody bags was a €50 voucher for Debenhams !!! I was over the moon, I knew exactly what I'd be buying with it. So I headed into Debenhams a while later and picked up the little beauty. The MUA at the Benefit counter was super helpful and demonstrated how to use it again.

So Brow Zings is the cutest little kit for brows. As you can probably tell by now, I'm a big fan ! I have the kit in the darkest shade. In my opinion, the wax on it's own isn't great, it's too greasy. The powder on it's own is too powdery and looks very cakey. However the two of them combined together is magic. I dip my brush into the wax first and then the powder. I start by drawing an outline of my brows then fill them in. When doing my makeup my eyebrows are always the very first thing I do ( I learned that from Hila Karmand, MUA to the stars). After outlining and filling them in, I fix any mistakes with concealer.

The brushes in my opinion are actually quite good. I like that they are very angled and thin. My only issue is that they're quite small so I always use the spectrum eyebrow brush. I just find it easier. But they're perfect for travel ! The tweezers are probably the only thing I don't really like. Don't get me wrong they're fine but I prefer the P.S Love tweezers from Pennies. The kit is such a good size and fits into any handbah/clutch perfectly but I never need to bring it out because it's so long lasting. I can usually get about 8-10 hours without touch ups !

I have heard that Sleek have a dupe for Brow Zings. I haven't tried it yet but I think the Sleek version retails for about €10 with is a considerable difference. I probably won't have to worry about it for along time yet, my friend has had Brow Zings for almost 2 years and is only now starting to hit pan!

Overall, I really like this product. I'd consider it my holy grail eyebrow product. Have you tried out the Brow Zings ? What do you think ?

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Benefits of Honey

I cannot stop raving about honey, I only recently started using it and now I use it all the time. It has drastically changed my skin.It has seriously reduced the pigmentation scars from my acne. I use it in DIY face masks all the time. Here are some of the main benefits of honey...

Pic source guardianlv.com

Acne: Honey has anti-bacterial properties that make it a great cleanser. Just apply a little raw honey to affected area for about 10-15 minutes and rinse off.

Scars: I had a small case of acne when i was younger that's left some scars. Since applying the honey I've noticed a dramatic difference as honey has a bleaching effect and causes the scars to fade.

Moisturiser: Honey is super moisturising and hydrating. Use Raw honey as a facial mask if you feel your skin has gone a little dry or add a little to any DIY face mask and see fabulous results.

Nails: Honey acts as a great natural nail conditioner. Not only does it strengthen your nails it also softens cuticles. Simply mix a tsp of raw honey with a tsp of apple cider vinegar and apply to your nails and cuticles.  Leave on for about 10-15 mins then rinse off.

Dark Circles: Applying raw honey to your dark circles will make them fade over time. Just apply to affected area and leave for 20 minutes then rinse off, or alternatively for even better results mix raw honey and sweet almond oil (equql parts) then apply and leave for 10-15 mins.

Is anyone else a fan of honey ?

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Limerick Student Race Day

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently ! It's the last couple of the semester and I have lots of assignments due. Unfortunately college comes first at the moment but don't worry summer is fast approaching and I have some really fun posts planned !

Anyway, last week I went to Limerick Student Race Day. It was so much fun and the weather was just phenomenal. My morning started with a shower followed by nails, makeup and hair. Possibly my favourite part of any day is doing my makeup but on special occasions I find it to be extra fun. I knew that my dress was cream and dark blue so I based my nails and eye makeup around those colours. On my nails I used Isadora's beautiful 'classy nude' and top coat. For the royal blue colour I used the shade 'dark blue 16' from Dunnes.

After finishing my nails, I moved onto my makeup. I decide on a navy blue smokey eye. I used my Makeup Revolution 144 palette. For my base I used a brand that's new to me called Cailyn, in the shade '04 sand'. I'm usually an Ivory in any foundation but because I had Cocoa Brown's incredible tan on, I opted for a darker shade. I used the O! WOW brush to smooth everything out and give me an airbrush finish. I then contoured, blushed and highlighted with the naked flushed palette. On my brows was Benefit 'Brow wiz'. On my lips I wore a beautiful nude from Essence called 'Oh So Matt' . I finished the look with the Collection Extreme eyeliner and benefit Roller Lash.

As for my hair I simply curled it and pinned some bits back. Before we headed off to the race course, we had some predrinks at a friends house and took lots of photos. The weather was fantastic, about 20 degrees. We took full advantage and had great natural lighting.

 The event itself kicked off around 2 o clock. I wasn't very interested in the actual races or betting. For me the excitement of the day was all in the fashion. The style was on another level. While everyone else was busy betting, I was taking in all the dresses and head pieces ! I did bet €2 eventually and my horse came in fourth so I cut my losses right there and opted for some Ice-cream instead. The weather really made the day, it was just phenomenal.

One thing that really annoyed me about last year's races was the backlash it got about students drinking. I don't really want to have a rant about, but last year and this year I was completely sober. Yes, last year there were some students drunk and this year there was too. I can't deny that, but what really gets me is people ringing in radio stations complaining, when firstly they weren't there and it doesn't effect them and secondly, parents choose to give their child money for the day out and that's their choice. As I said I was sober both times and from what I heard on radio stations and read in the papers after the event was completely blown out of proportion. It was so exaggerated and really unfair. As the saying goes, don't believe everything you read in the papers !

On a lighter note, I had a fantastic day chilling with friends in the sun. The fashion and style was amazing and I cannot wait for next year !

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The Liebster Award #6

I was recently nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Catherine from Breathing Silver Linings. This is the 6th time I've been nominated so thank you all so much !!


1. Answer all the questions that have been sent to you.
2. Nominate 11 Bloggers who have under 200 followers on Twitter.
3. Once you have done that, ask them 11 questions of your choice.
4. Notify them that they have been nominated.
5.Tag the person/Blog that nominated you in your post.

1. What made you first want to start blogging ?
I'd read other blogs for a long time and wanted to give my opinion on different topics too.

2.Top five apps from your smart phone ?
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Keep and Snapchat.

3. Finish this sentence; " Sometimes we need to..."
Sometimes we need to just relax.

4. What is your favourite way to relax ?
I love a good pampering session, I did a post all about it here

5. A quote/ piece of advice from your childhood.
I really love 'Dare to Dream'

6. Four things you can't live without.
Family, friends, food, music.

7. What is/are your favourite song lyrics ?
This changes ALL the time but it's generally always lyrics from a Taylor swift song. 

8. "____ is over - rated"
Apple is over rated !

9. Mention something you're currently loving.
The weather, winter has finally gone away and the sun has come out !

10. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time ? 
I did a post last week on where I'd like to be in 10 years time, so I suppose on the way to achieving some of those goals.

11. What is one thing your readers may not know about you ?
I once climbed the highest mountain in Africa !

My questions ~ which do you prefer :

1. Winter or Summer
2.Shower or baths
3.Long hair or short hair
4.Hair up or hair down
5.Late nights or Early mornings
6.Wanderer or home bird
7.Inside or outside
8.Night in or night out
9.Heels or flats 
10.Lipstick or mascara
11.Dressed up or dressed down
12.Twitter or Instagram 

I nominate...

Thanks for reading guys, if you haven't been nominated yet then I nominate you too ! 

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NYC Showtime Mascara Review

It's no secret that my favourite mascara is without a doubt the Benefit BadGal mascara ! However being a student, I can't always justify buying it ! So I have been on the hunt for a drugstore dupe, or at least something similar !

I picked up the NYC Showtime Mascara in Superdrug for €2.75. This is the result....

There is quite obviously a big difference. I do like this mascara. It's not amazing but for 2.75 it's pretty good. For me this is the mascara I would use when I'm running down to the shop, or just want a little something. It doesn't clump easily and it does separate the lashes, but for me there's something missing ! I would and probably will repurchase it again, but I will try out more drugstore mascaras first!

What's your favourite drugstore mascara ?

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Cheesy Movies That I Love

I am a huge movie lover ! I go to the cinema a couple of times a month and I watch films every day, well most days ! So after spending so much time watching all kinds of movies, good, bad and the downright awful, I've come up with a list of some of the cheesiest movies that I actually really love !

The Notebook : The ultimate chick flick romance movie. I do personally love this movie and I love every other movie that has been adapted from one of Nickolas Sparks novels. I always cry at this movie, even though I know what's coming , I still cry EVERY time !!

10 things I hate about you : I think this is such a great teenage romcom. I think most teenage girls can probably relate to this movie in some way or another and while it is very cheesy I just love it.

Clueless : An absolute must see !!

The Proposal : Who doesn't love Sandy Bullock ? This is one of those movies that I never get tired or bored of watching. I'd say I've watched it about eight times and I would have no problem watching it again.

He's just not that into you : Now this is a movie that everyone can relate to, even if it is very cheesy. I think we can all predict the ending from early on in the movie but I don't care I love it.

Dirty Dancing : This is my mammies favourite movie of all time and I know why ! I think almost everyone has seen this movie and if you haven't then you know the songs. #ICarriedAWatermelon

The Back up Plan : I love J-Lo and I actually think she's a great actress. I think this movie is so darn cute. Yes it's predictable and yes it's cheesy but I can't help but love this movie.

The Prince and Me : This is a movie that I've loved since I was a lot younger. I'd still watch this movie now ! It's a classic love story. I also love all the sequels to this movie and have them all on dvd.

Made of Honour : Again a classic love story, best friends for a long time, one person gets engaged to someone else, the other person realises the love them...blah blah blah they end up together !

The Perfect Man : Lizzie McGuire is in this movie !!

So these are some of my favourite cheesy movies , what are some of yours ?

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Manicure Monday

Hello everyone ! This week I'm back with another gorgeous Spring shade from the Barry M 'Speedy' collection. This light pastel blue is called 'Eat My Dust'. I picked it up in Boots as a '3 for 2' deal. I really love this colour, it's so bright and perfect for Spring. It's quite vibrant without it being too in your face. Again, like last week it took about 3/4 strokes before a nail was fully coloured, but I don't mind because the end result is gorgeous. I coated it Isadora's top coat to give it some shine and to prevent chipping. The colour has come a little darker in the photo. I love the packaging and quality of this nail polish and I can't wait to pick up more shades from this collection.

Have you tried any of the nail polishes from the 'Speedy'collection ?

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100 Days of Happiness | The Last Post !!

Today will be my last 100 Days of Happiness post ! It's gone by so quickly. I'm really glad that I decided to do this series because it will be great to look back on. It really proved to me that although every day might not be happy, there is something happy in every day. I would definitely recommend this series to everyone ! It's a great series to look back on and gives you something to blog about if you ever get bloggers block ! I might do a similar series to this again someday because it was so much fun ! So here is my very last 100 Days of happiness update....

I've had so much fun picking up new beauty products and playing around with makeup also the weather has been amazing. The sun always puts people in a good mood and everyone has been really happy all week !

 If you do ever do this series or have done it, let me know in the comments.

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Beauty Icon | Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is one of my biggest beauty idols, not because she was pretty (although she was stunning), but because she was beautiful on the inside as well as outside. She did amazing things in her life and is one on my biggest role models. I think she is a great role model especially for young girls.

Her look was always classy and elegant. I love the simplicity of her iconic look. With her piercing eyes and bold lips, no one could ever deny her beauty. To recreating this look, use a dewy foundation, voluminsing mascara, winged eyeliner and of course some red lipstick to pull it all together ! Here are some of the products I use when channeling my inner Audrey. Don't forget the flash your pearl whites because ' Happy girls are the prettiest' !

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Lancome Bi-Facial Cleansing Oil Review

You know those products that as soon as they run out you immediately repurchase ?  Well the Lancome cleansing oil is one of most definitely one of those product for me. I'd even use the term 'holy grail' product when talking about it, which I don't say very often. I am a little obsessed with this cleansing oil.

So why do I love it so much ? Even though it's an oil, it's a non oily oil. What I mean by that is while yes technically it is an oil it doesn't feel like an oil. It's very soft and non intrusive to the eye but yet it does an incredible job at removing eye makeup. I only need a very small amount for each eye and even toughest eyeliners and waterproof mascaras are no match for it.

So how do I use it ? As it is Bi-Facial, it has two layers when left standing. Just before you use it shake it until the two layers mix, it only takes a few seconds. Simply pour a little onto a cotton pad and wipe over your eye. You'll be amazed by the results. Another great thing is that because of the way the lid/ hole that lets the product out is designed, you can't ever over-spill.

In the past I've used other cleansing oils such as the body shop chamomile cleansing oil but I have always preferred the Lancome one.  I find other oils too heavy and intrusive and end up with loads of oil in my eyes and still have makeup residue on my eyes. While I like the body shop one for my face I always use the Lancome one for my eyes. It is a little pricey at €28 but it lasts forever !! I'd say my last one lasted almost a year, so it is actually really good value. I cannot recommend this product more, it is seriously AMAZING !!

Have you tried this wonderful cleansing oil ?

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In 10 Years Time...

I recently saw a video on Will Darbyshire's youtube channel, where he talks about where he thinks he'll be/ where he'd like to be in 10 years time. This got me thinking about where I'll be in 10 years time. In 10 years time I'll be 30 ! That scares the absolutely crap out of me. I'm terrified of growing up and someday having to be an actual adult. I feel like older people always talk about their 20's as if it's the best time of their lives. But with the pressure of having an amazing decade also comes the pressure to sort your life out and I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.

However in 10 years time I hope to....

  • Hopefully I'll have finished out my degree and maybe even continued on and done a masters.
  • Be married, yes I'd quite like to be married by the time I'm 30.
  • Have a child and maybe another on the way (even though the thought of giving birth makes me shiver)
  • I'd like to be in a stable job that I enjoy.
  • I 'd like to have my own house that I helped design and build.
  • I'd love to have a lot of travelling done and ticked off a lot of things from my bucket list.
  • Most importantly I hope I'm HAPPY. Even if nothing else happens I hope that no matter where I am or what I'm doing I hope I'm happy !
Where do you think you'll be in 10 years ?

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Manicure Monday

Spring has finally arrived here in Ireland and I couldn't be happier. Winter/ Christmas is my favourite time of year but this Winter seems to of dragged on forever ! So with Spring finally well on the way I popped into Boots to pick up some fresh bright Spring inspired nail polishes. I came across so many beauties but settled on three pastel shades from Barry M. You've got to love Boot's 3 for 2 deals ! So the shade that's on my nails now is called 'Kiss Me Quick' 507. It's from the Speedy quick dry collection. I absolutely love the packaging of this nail polish. I think the black and white is so clever and elegant.

The nail polish itself is lovely. The colour is slightly darker than it came out on my camera, however I'm obsessed with it. It's so so pretty and girly. The formula is good, not as good as Isadora but nothing to really complain about either. I like the brush but I don't love the brush it did take about 3/4 strokes before my nail was fully covered . Overall I really like this nail polish and would definitely repurchase it, I can't wait to try out the other shades I got !

I am so delighted to be wearing bright coloured nail polishes again ! What are your favourite Spring shades ?

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100 Days of Happiness | Week 7 - 12

Hi everyone ! I'm sorry I didn't update this series at all during March I was beyond busy with college. I really feel like I barely had time to blog at all during March, I think I only put up 7/8 posts ! I did have some fun in March it wasn't all work. Here's a look at my happy moments in March !

I hope your month was very happy !

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Brand Focus | Essence

Essence is a brand that I've recently kind of fell in love with ! I never really tried the makeup because it's so cheap, I thought the quality would suffer because of the price. I could not of been more wrong !! I love a good lippie, what beauty addict doesn't ?! But what I love more than lipstick is a good bargain ! I picked up some Essence lipsticks in Pennies one day, swatched them and was blown away by them. You can see in the picture just how pigmented they are. They do stay there quite a while as well, longer than the Rimmel lipsticks in my opinion. I definitely need more in my life !!

I bought the eye-shadows after seeing a tutorial over on Siobhan's Youtube channel, LetzMakeup.  I actually bought them on sale so all four eye-shadows were less than €5 together. BARGAIN!! Again these are very pigmented and lovely to use. I do own a few lip liners too but find the NYX ones better. I recently picked up there BB cream to see if it would be any good for cheap everyday foundation, so I'll let you all know how that goes !!

Have you tried any Essence makeup ?

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Limerick Student Race Day Style Inspiration

On the 16th of April I'm off to the Limerick Student Races. To say I'm excited is a massive understatement !! So in preparation for the big day I have been scouring the internet looking for inspiration, as usual I ended up on Pinterest and started pinning some outfits that I thought would be perfect for the races. I've chosen some of my favourite looks and made a collage. I think it's clear that I'm looking for a midi skirt of some description. I want something very elegant and classy.

For my hair I want to go for that messy but elegant look. I think these hairstyles are gorgeous and perfect for any formal event. My hair is quite short at the moment so the look I'll be sporting will probably be something similar to the first hair style on the bottom row.

As for my favourite part, the makeup. I think a nice neutral subtle eye with a bold lip would look amazing. Of course my makeup will be altered depending on my outfit but I'll definitely be pulling inspiration from these stunning looks.

I am so incredibly excited for the races, not the races themselves but the dressing up part. I don't have that many occasions that I can go all out and I fully intend to for the races ! I'll definitely be doing a post on my outfit, hair and makeup so look out for that towards the end of April. Have you ever gone to the races ? What did you wear ?

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