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Hi everyone, today I'm talking all things Cailyn. I was approached to review three products by Cailyn Cosmetics and since I'd never actually heard of them before, I was very curious. Cailyn is an American brand imported by LVEssentials. So I have three products that I want to discuss and I'll start with my favourite....

The O! WOW brush ! Whoever named this brush was on the ball. I'll admit that using it the very first time I did actually say 'OH WOW' . This brush has transformed how foundation sits on my face. It gives an airbrush finish. The bristles are incredibly soft and tightly packed. It's very easy to use. You simply put the foundation on the brush or your face which ever you prefer, and pull and push it until you're happy. It blends and buffs foundation into your skin effortlessly. There's no streaks that other brushes leave. I actually much prefer this brush that the Real Techniques foundation brush. I have noticed such a huge difference since starting to use this brush, people compliment my skin not my makeup, which if you've dealt with bad acne you'll know that that is a major deal !!  I have washed it quite a few times and no bristles fell out however because the bristles are so tightly packed, make sure you give this brush a little extra time when cleaning it. It's also very slim which is ideal for travel. All in all, this brush is magic and you NEED it in your life.

Next up is the BB Fluid Touch Compact. Ok so the packaging of this BB fluid is like nothing I've seen before, it's a little compact that would fit perfect inside any handbag/makeup bag. It has a mirror which is always useful, but what sold me is how the BB fluid came out. When you press the button, the fluid is released through a little hole. It only gives out a little bit. I think this is brilliant because I'm forever squeezing too much foundation out onto my hand and wasting it. With this, you're completely in control. Also, the area around the hole is great if like me you need a combination of two colours to get the right match for your skin, there's plenty of room to mix them. I love the fact that it's so hygienic too, once I'm finished I always wipe away any excess of marks and it looks brand new again.

 As for the fluid itself, it's definitely full coverage. I was sent the shade 04 sand which is too dark me for everyday wear, but I've worn it on nights out and when I've had tan on. I really love the formula. It doesn't dry out my face and it lasts between 8-10 hours in my experience. I would definitely purchase it in a lighter shade. It is in my opinion on the high end side both in quality and price. It can be bought HERE for €29.99 however I think it's worth it. If you're looking for a lightweight, moisturising, brightening but concealing cream/foundation then this compact is definitely worth checking out.

Last but by no means least is the Idefine liquid brush eyeliner. If you're looking for a liquid eyeliner that has a very thin brush then this is perfect for you. I have a love/hate relationship with this product. It's not very long lasting, for me it lasted about four hours before I needed to touch it up. It is black but if you're putting it on over an eye primer of concealer it can look a little grey and needs a few layers. But on the other side of things, It's great for the corner of your eye and perfecting the winged eyeliner look. I love how thin the brush is and haven't come across a liquid eyeliner that gives you such control. All in all, I do use it regularly sometimes, I start with the Idefine to perfect the inner corners then move onto another liner to get the dramatic look I usually go for. I probably would purchase it, had it not been sent to me.

So all in all I've loved trying out these products and I'm excited to try some more products after having such success with these three. All of the products mentioned above can be purchased from THIS WEBSITE !! Have you ever tried anything from Cailyn ? If so what did you think ?

Erin X
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