10 Places That I Want To Visit In America

After the success of my last travel post ( 10 places in Europe that I want to visit), I thought I'd extend my travel wishlist. This time focusing on all the beautiful places in North America I'd love to visit ! There are of course so many places that I'd like to visit but here's a few that are top of my list !

San Francisco 
They have pastel coloured buildings !!! Do I need to explain this one any further ?

 New York
I have actually been to NYC before but it was only for four days so I'd love to go back and have a proper look around, maybe at Christmas time !

I've always heard so much about Miami and the lovely beaches there. I think this would be a fab girls only holiday!

L.A seems like such a cool places filled with lots of celebs and general fun things to do !

 San Diego
I'm sorry but how beautiful does this city look !!

I'd love to experience the windy city in all it's glory !

 Vegas baby !

I'm not much of a gambler, in fact I've never gambled a day in my life but if I was going to do it anywhere, it might as well be Vegas !

I think I'd mainly like to go to Texas for the food but just look at the spa resorts !!

Boston is another city I've seen a lot in tv shows and movies and would just generally like to go there !
How pretty does it look !!! Definitely want to visit Atlanta !!

Where would you like to visit in America ?

Erin X

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Summer Inspiration Board

Even though the weather is really messed up here in Ireland at the moment, I can't help but soak in all the summer vibes. From the swimsuit collections in Pennies to the random 21 degrees days, I cannot escape the summer atmosphere, and I'm not trying too. Autumn/Winter is by far my most favourite time of year but after what seems like a never ending Winter I am craving the sunshine, ice-creams and sun dresses ! To get myself in the summer mood just before I head off to Fuerteventura, I've done a little inspiration board on images that are so infectiously summery, you can't help but smile !

What gets you in the mood for summer ?
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My very first VLOG !

Hello lovelies, some of you will know that I recently branched out into YouTube. Some of you will also know that I recently went to another ITWBN blogger event. I vlogged the entire day so I hope you enjoy coming around with me and having a sneak peek into what our blogger event are really like! Don't forget to like, comment and of course subscribe to my channel.

Is anyone else on YouTube ?

Erin X
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Manicure Monday

You may or may not know that I'm off to the beautiful island of Feurteventura this week !! I'm super excited as I haven't been on a sun holiday in about 3 years ! I'm going with my boyfriend James and another couple.

So this week my nails are holiday inspired. I went for this gorgeous teal from Sally Hansen. The colour is just amazing, one of my all time favourites ! It's so vibrant and will look fab with a tan. I only have a few Sally Hansen nail polishes but I really like them. For once I haven't anything to criticize. The brush is brilliant for application, the consistency is ideal and the colour pay off is excellent.

I'm very excited to wear this with a tan on the beach. Don't worry I'll keep you updated, make sure you're following me on snapchat, my username is 'chasingrubychat'.

What are your favourite nail polishes to bring on holiday ?

Erin X
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10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Awesome !

This day seven months ago I started this little blog and it has been one of the best things that I have ever done ! I have learned so many new things, made great friends and been offered amazing opportunities. If you're thinking of starting a blog, definitely do it I couldn't recommend it more. Here's 10 reasons why blogging is awesome...

  1. There is such a big blogging community and it's a wonderful community to be part of.
  2. The pride that comes with watching your blog grow is brilliant.
  3. You can get some amazing opportunities with blogging.
  4. There are no rules, this is your space and you can do whatever the hell you want.
  5. It can be a great escape when you're having a bad day. I try to make my blog as positive as possible so that when I'm feeling down, my blog brings me right back up again.
  6. You learn so many skills without even realising (photography,html,writing etc).
  7. You get to share what you love with the world.
  8. You can meet like minded creative people.
  9. Everyone has a different story and it's great to learn about them.
  10. It's a great big online scrapbook that you can look back on years from now.
What's your favourite thing about blogging ?

Erin X
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5 Netflix Shows I'm Obsessed With...

I don't really watch normal TV anymore. I watch YouTube and Netflix. I think a lot of people my age do the same nowadays. I started watching Netflix when I came to college last year and since then I've become a little obsessed. I've found some really great shows and some crappy shows. Today I'm going to tell about 5 shows that I'm obsessed with...
Once Upon A Time : This is a very recent obsession, I seen some YouTubers talking about this show so I said I'd check it out. One episode in and I was hooked. I watched all four seasons in less than two weeks !! I'ts so so good. If you like fairytales, Disney, fantasy, make believe kind of shows, the you will LOVE this. I cannot recommend it enough and can't wait for more episodes.

Daredevil : Another recent find. I watched the first season in about three days and loved every minute. There are no filler episodes, each one is action packed and amazing ! If you like Marvel then you'll love this. I can't wait for the next season.

Friends : Do I even need to explain my obsession with Friends ? I've loved it as long as I can remember. When Netflix added Friends it was like a dream come true and also very dangerous for my college grades haha.

Sherlock Holmes : My boyfriend made me watch Sherlock and I'm so happy he did. After about 10 minutes into the first episode I was obsessed and watched everything within a week. If you like crime shows then this is one for you !

Gossip Girl : When GG was on Tv I never paid much attention but after hearing every blogger and the mother going on about it, I finally gave in over Christmas and well became obsessed. It's such a good show and I was so sad when I reached the final episode !!

What are your favourite Netflix shows ? What do you recommend I watch next ? 

Erin X
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10 Things That Make Me Happy

Sometimes we get wrapped up in life and find ourselves too busy to stop and appreciate the small things. I love the quote 'Everyday might not be a good day, but there is something good in everyday'. It's very true and I'm guilty of not appreciating the small things that make me happy on a regular basis. So here are a few things that make me smile...

  1. My  family and friends, always there when I need them (and even when I don't).
  2. Freshly cleaned sheets.
  3. Disney movies.
  4. Stationary and a tidy work space.
  5. Long chats with my besties.
  6. The beach.
  7. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  8. My boyfriend.
  9. Having blog posts scheduled weeks in advance.
  10. Watching my fave YouTubers and reading my fave blogs.
These are some of the small things that make me happy, what makes you happy ?

Erin X
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Liebster Award #7

Hello beautiful people ! I have been nominated to do the Liebster award for the SEVENTH time !! How amazing is that. Thank you everyone how has nominated me in the past. The beautiful June from Sometimes Write (also one of my fave blogs just FYI) has nominated me. I love doing tags like this because I get to know more about some of my favourite bloggers and you guys get to know more about me. So thank you June for nominating me !!

So here are the rules !


1. Answer all the questions that have been sent to you.
2. Nominate 11 Bloggers who have under 200 followers on Twitter.
3. Once you have done that, ask them 11 questions of your choice.
4. Notify them that they have been nominated.
5.Tag the person/Blog that nominated you in your post.

June's Questions
Why did you start your blog ?
I started my blog for a number of reasons, one was that in the course I do a university, it's a good idea that you have one and two, I've read blogs for years and thought I might just like it so why not.

What cause is closest to your heart ? (charity or social issue)
I hold a lot of causes close to my heart but the closest in the Irish Breast Cancer Society. My grandmother passed away from Breast cancer three years ago so this charity will always be close to my heart. In terms of social issues one issue that I hold close to my heart is obesity in children. 1 in 5 Irish children are obese and the numbers are getting bigger every year. being obese leads to all sorts of physical and mental problems and it's a disease that is completely 100% preventable. 

If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?
Loyal, caring and brave.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
Hopefully happy, with a degree and having a career direction in mind.

What movie defines your life ?
OOH this is a tough one, I don't think any movie really defines me but if I HAD  to choose, I'd probably say Disney's Tangles. That movie is all about daring to dream and believing in your dreams and being brave enough to go after them even when you're afraid.

If you could be anybody for a day, who would you be?
Taylor Swift ! I love everything about her, her style, her friends, her talent just everything !

Who do you admire most in the world ?
My mammy. I don't even have to think twice about it. She is the strongest most caring amazing human being in the world ( I'm not at all bias). My mam inspires me in so many ways !!

If you won the lottery tomorrow what's the first thing you would do ?
I'd pay off any bills/mortgages that my parents have, pay all my college fees, treat us all to a lovely holiday is somewhere like Bora Bora and finally I'd pay someone to take my makeup off every night !

What words do you try to live by ?
'What would you do if you weren't afraid ?' 

Do you have a bucket list ?
I have things that I'd like to do and achieve but I don't really have a bucket list, they're more like goals.

What's your favourite meal in the world ?
I love a chicken pasta bake it's just the most delicious meal ever. In relation to eating out, my favourite meal would be a good old satay chicken.

Thank you again June for nominating me and giving me such great questions. I've nominated so many people already and asked a million questions so I won't do it again but if you haven't done this tag then fire away and let me know about it in the comments !!

Erin X
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5 Things They Don't Tell You About Uni

Growing up I always had an idea about what it would be like when I'm old enough to go to college. These ideas were formed by movies, stories, tv shows etc. When you're in secondary school, you're given a million tips on college and told how college will be but there are some things they left out...

1. University isn't all it's cracked up to be.
The phrase ' College days are the best days of your life' come to mind. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE college and I'm the happiest I've ever been here but sometimes college just sucks. On those days when you're stuck in the library, doing 8 assignments that really will be of no benefit to you in everyday life or have nothing to do with your future career and you've no choice but do it, you just have to wonder are these REALLY the best days ? I sure hope not !

2. You ACTUALLY won't be spoon fed.
I don't mean this literally of course. College is very different to secondary school and now that I'm in college I see how easy we used to have it. In college if you don't understand something it's your job to make sure you find out how to do it. Lecturers usually don't care if you've got 10 assignments due on the same week, you just have to get on with it.

3. You might just live with IDIOTS.
I could write so many posts about housemates. Just beware when you're going to college that not everyone you meet or live with will be nice people, you might not get on with them and you might not like them. That's ok you don't have to like everyone and not everyone has to like you. There are so many types of people in the world and you might be unfortunate enough to be placed living with IDIOTS.

4. You will never have money.
Everyone is used to students being poor but I never realized how little I'd actually have and how much things actually cost. Between rent, fees, food, bills and trying to have a social life there is just no money left at the end of the week. Just accept it now, for the next few years, you will have no money !

5. You WILL gain weight.
All of those late night pizzas, pot noodles and alcohol really do catch up on you. I was very surprised with my weight gain when I came to college because I thought I was eating ok and sure don't I have to walk in and out to college. But when my jeans started tighten I knew I needed to make some changes. The only way to avoid this is to try your very best to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

What were you never told about uni ?

Erin X

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I Started A YouTube Channel

Hello lovelies !

I've been toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel since Christmas. I kept making excuse after excuse and putting it off. Then I got some wise words from my mammy 'If you're going to do it, then stop talking about it and just do it'. So I did I filmed a video, edited and put it on YouTube ! I am very nervous about starting YouTube but my favourite quote always comes to mind whenever I start doubting my decision 'What would you do if you weren't afraid?'. So here it is, the Get to know me tag. I did this as my first video as a kind of welcome to channel video. I do cringe when watching it but hey you've got to start somewhere right ?

Please subscribe to my channel, I promise there will be much better videos coming up soon. I plan to upload every Sunday. Your support is everything to me !!

Erin X
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W7 Liquid Eyeliner Review

I have recently become a big W7 fan. I'm very skeptical when it come to cheap makeup, I don't mind investing in expensive makeup when I know I'll love the product. However when I find a cheap product, that does just as good if not a better job than the more expensive product, I practically do cart wheels up and down the aisles of the shop !!  W7 is one of those brands that for me can be hit and miss. The liquid eyeliner from w7 is most definitely a HIT !! It's a brilliant little eyeliner that really rivals some of the high end brands. 

It has a short little brush which makes applying it very easy. It's jet black and gives a wet look finish. It does eventually dry matte but it's still quite shiny. There's no messiness with this liquid eyeliner at all. One layer/stroke will cover your lid, of course you can layer it but there's no need. In short, I really REALLY love this eyeliner ! It's very cheap only around €3 so if you see it anywhere make sure you pick it up, it's definitely one to keep in your makeup bag ! 

Have you tried anything from W7 ? If so what did you think ?

Erin X

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Manicure Monday

Hello everyone ! I hope you're enjoying the bank holiday. As it's the start of May, I wanted a fresh Spring colour on my nails. Nothing is more fresh than this beautiful green pastel from Barry M's Speedy collection. As you can see from the photo the colour is just so pretty and fresh ! The opacity of this colour is much better than the other nail polishes from the speedy collection. You definitely could get away with just one coat, but just to be sure I put on two ! I won't bore you you with the rest of the details like the brush and drying time because I've mentioned all that in my last two Manicure Mondays. I topped it off with my favourite top coat that I always rave about, the Isadora Top Coat. 

I'm really loving pastel shades at the moment, what's been on your nails recently ? 

Erin X
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DIY Face Mask

There are so many face masks on the markets these days and they all vary in prices, some being very expensive and some very budget friendly. I've tried so many face masks but DIY face masks are always some of my favourite. Not only because I don't have to fork out a fortune but because all of the ingredients can be found in the kitchen and they give amazing results.  This DIY mask contains Honey, Baking Soda and Coconut Oil ! Honey is really hydrating and moisturising on the skin. Baking Soda is great for acne and getting rid of pesky spots. Coconut oil is great for cleansing, hydrating and has anti aging qualities !!

I use about a teaspoon of each ingredient but you can use as much as you want really. One benefit is that it stays fresh for a few days so if you make too much you can just use it again a few days later.  I use a small dish to mix everything up, if it feels a little dry, add a few drops of water but remember that the coconut oil will naturally melt on your face so don't add too much !
When it's all mixed together and smooth, apply it to your face. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.
I love using this DIY mask on my face, my skin always feels so smooth and hydrated afterwards. If you try this let me know ! Do you do any  other DIY masks ? Let me know in the comments...

Erin X 
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