June Favourites !

Hello ! This month has been great for me. I officially started my new job and it's going pretty damn well. I've had some exciting news about my blog and opportunities have come my way (all will be revealed soon). I have decided to completely change blog platforms and hopefully will be on squarespace by the end of the week. I've had very busy weekends and barely had any time to myself, which is ok, I like to be busy. I think June was one of those months that will set up the next few months, or at least I hope so. It hasn't always been sunshine and lollipops this month, I have of course had down days too but for once I haven''t let those down days  turn into down weeks and I'm so happy about that. Anyway now I'm rambling, I hope you enjoy this months favourites, it's the first time I've recorded a favourites video so I'd love some feedback !!

What have you been loving this month ?

Erin X
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26 Question Tag

Hello everybody !

I have been tagged by the lovely Julie from JK Beauty Buzz to do the 26 question tag. If you've been a reader of mine for a while now, you'll know that I love a good tag post. I also realised that I haven't done one in a while and I've gotten lots of new readers recently so it might be nice for you to get to know me a little better. Ok I'm going to stop rambling and get on with the tag...

1. Do you have a middle name ?
Yes my middle name is Sarah. I got this name as both of my parent's grandmothers were called Sarah.

2. What was your favourite subject in school ?
History was always my favourite from primary school all the way to TY (transition year) but then when I started the Leaving cert, unfortunately the government cut costs and wouldn't pay for us to have a history class, from then on it was geography. I was lucky to always have great geography teachers!

3. Zodiac Sign ?
Libra...even though sometimes(a lot of the time) I struggle to keep a balanced life, go figure!

4.Do you participate in any sport ?
I used to play Camoige and used to hill walk a lot but I don't anymore.

5. Favourite book ?
This is tough, I'm going to say either TFIOS by John Green or #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. Both brilliant books, in very different ways.

6.Favourite Colour ?
This changes all the time depending on my mood, for example today it's red but the otehr day it was purple. I like pastel colours and really bright vibrant colours.

7. Favourite Animal ?

8. Favourite Perfume ?
I have two, either Britney Spears Fantasy or Dior Addict.

9. Have you been out of the country ?
Yes too many times to count, I was very lucky as I've grown up with a least one if not two foreign holidays every year. That's changed since I went to college but I did just go to Fuerteventura recently and you can see everything I got up to HERE !

10. Do you speak any other language?
I speak decent Irish and a little french.

11. Do you have any siblings ?
Yes I have a little brother.

12. What's your favourite store ?
Does Boots count ? I really love Pennys !

13. Did you like school ?
Yes I actually really did like school, I had some awesome friends and some great teachers.

14. Favourite Youtubers ?
This is tough, I love Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya Burr and everything they stand for. I also love Jim Chapman he's probably my fave male youtuber. The Irish Youtubers are really rising and to be honest I love for them  a little more, I guess because I'm home proud. Some of my fave Irish youtubers are Siobhan from LetzMakeup , Melanie Murphy, Laura from My Makeup Perspective, Charlotte Ryan, Sarah from Makeup by Saz and Laura from My Beauty Commandments.

15. Favourite Movie ?
I am obsessed with all things Disney but I suppose Beauty and the Beast is my ultimate favourite.

16. PC or MAC ?

17.  What phone do you have ?
I have a Sony Experia 5

18. How tall are you ?
Not very, I'm only 5ft3

19. What do you order at Starbucks ?
I'm not a big coffee fan so I always stick to Hot caramel chocolate.

20. What is one thing most people probably won't know about you ?
I'm very very very very VERY shy. I hide it well at times but on the inside I'm really terrified . I've gotten a lot better since starting a blog and YT channel. My confidence has grown hugely but I'll always be a little shy.

21. One thing you want to do before you die ?
Aside from see the world etc I really just want to get married, build a nice house and have children.

22. What quote/phrase do you live by ?
I love a few, one is 'What would you do if you weren't afraid ? ' and another favourite of mine is 'What if I fall, oh but my darling what if you fly' I just love them.

23. What is your most listened to song ?
I'm going to say maybe a Christmas song because I without doubt listen to them every year.

24. What is the last thing you bought ?
I bought a bottle of water on my way to work this morning.

25. What made you want to blog ?
I started blogging originally for college purposes, but then decided to scrap that and do beauty and lifestyle posts. I just loved sharing my opinion and thoughts and talking to like minded people so I stayed at it.

26. Any advice for new bloggers/Youtuber ?
I don't feel like I have a right to give  advice because I'm still such a newbie myself, but I would say write for you and no one else, make sure you enjoy what you read. Don't just write about beauty because it's popular, write about what interests you and what you're passionate about.

That's all the questions answered ! I hope you liked this tag and got to know me a little better. I will tag some other bloggers to do this tag on Twitter !

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My Holiday !!!

Hello you lovely lot !

In case you missed my vlogs on my YouTube channel, I said I'd do a quick posts to let you know about them. I have put them all into a playlist very aptly called 'Vlogs' . I'd really love if you would have a look and give me any constructive criticism that you might have. Also I'd really appreciate it if you would subscribe, I'm almost at 100 subscribers which is absolutely insane !!! I just want to thank you all for your continued support since starting this blog. It's been amazing and I'm so excited for the future !

Let me know what you think...

Erin X
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Life Update!

Hello internet friends !

I feel as if I haven't sat down to write a blog post in years, I realise it's only been about a week but for me that's like a year! Instead of doing the usual Manicure Monday, I thought I'd explain why I've been so quiet and all over the place...

First things first, I got a job and a freaking amazing one at that! I am now working with a fantastic social media company. I have the job of my dreams. But of course now that I have a job, I have a lot less time to blog. That's ok though, I just need to get into a routine and be more organised. I'm really excited for the future now and it's all because of this little blog.

Speaking of this blog, I'm making some changes. I've decided to get a little bit more serious with it, so I'm switching platforms! I'm leaving Blogger and heading over to squarespace. Yes I'll have to pay monthly but I'll also have my own domain and host. Now that I have a job I can guarantee that I'll have the money to pay for it. I have also decided to rebrand the blog. I'm having a designer do up a header and logo for me and I'm also changing the name. I do really like 'Chasing Rubies Chasing Pearls' but it's just too long. At events when people ask my blog name, it comes out all mumbled and no one will ever remember it. So I'm changing it to 'Chasing Ruby Chat' just like my YouTube name.

That leads perfectly into my next little bit of news. Well it's not really news but anyway, I've decided that I'm going to be a beauty and lifestyle blogger/youtuber. Today I'm officially eight months blogging and I've found that I really love blogging about beauty and positive things and my life experiences. So I'll be sticking to those areas from now on. On my YouTube I'll be doing beauty related videos as well as vlogs. I really hope you all like the changes. I'll be switching blog platforms hopefully by the end of the week.

As for another update, you will definitely know by now that I've been on holiday (I've banged on about it for like a month). While I had an amazing time on holiday, I was a little sad and frustrated. The reason for this was solely because I hated the way I looked. Over the past two years I've put on a lot of weight. At the start of this year, I attempted the 100 fit days challenge and failed miserably. I don't think that I was mentally ready to change my lifestyle. But on holiday something finally clicked and I've already begun changing different aspects on my lifestyle. I don't think I'll be posting about my journey too often if even at all. The last time I did that I thought it would motivate me, but instead it just put too much pressure to get results. Now that I have a full time job, a blog and a YouTube channel and some sort of a social life to keep me busy, I don't want to feel too pressured to lose weight and all that. I just want to take it at my own pace. However, I will be keeping everyone on snapchat up to date with what I'm eating and what exercises I do, so if you do want to follow my journey, you can do so there. My username is 'chasingrubychat' .

Lastly, I've joined Periscope and I did my first broadcast not too long ago. I did a quick skincare routine as my acne has finally (after nearly a decade) started to get better and my skin is starting to clear up. I'd love if you all went over and followed me. I only joined a week ago and I'm already becoming addicted. I did a how I cover my acne broadcast this morning too and I'll be doing a livestream on how I remove makeup broadcast tonight. So make sure you check them out, my username on that is the same as twitter (@chasingrubies2).

So that's why I've been absent recently. I really will be back soon with a much prettier blog with much better content. Thank you all for the continued support with this blog. I can't believe how much blogging has changed me as a person and I'm so thankful it has. I appreciate each and every one of you that takes the time to read my blog posts and comment. Without trying to sound too cliche, it really has changed my life.

What's been going on with all of you recently ?

Erin X
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Primark(Pennies) Holiday Haul

Hello everybody ! Before I went on holiday I filmed a Holiday Haul video. I picked up everything in Pennies, they have some great stuff in there at the moment. I got some bikinis and suitcases but my favourite purchase was my pineapple sunglasses!!! Absolutely in love with them and yes I did actually wear them! let me know in the comments what you think of my new youtube channel, have you any feedback or constructive criticism ?  I'm open to all opinions. Let me know in the comments what you think! 

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Manicure Monday

Hello friends! Today I'm back with another Mani Monday post and this time I've tried out a polish from the Sally Hansen range. This beautiful pink shade is called 'Cherry Up' in 542. I have only wonderful things to say about this nail polish.

When I first unscrewed the top of it, I knew I'd like it. The brush is just like a dream. It applies the polish so well, covers the whole nail in two strokes and doesn't give too much or too little nail polish on the nail. It's quite perfect to be honest. The formula itself is fantastic! You only really need one coat because it's quite opaque. I applied two but that's mainly down to the fact that I just love doing my nails haha. It's probably the quickest I've ever done my nails because there was just no hassle at all. It dries quite quickly too.

All in all I'm very very impressed by the Sally Hansen nail polish and will definitely be picking up some more colours. You can pick up Sally Hansen in Boots and on the Sally Hansen website ! What do you think ? Have you ever tried this range ?

Erin X
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My Holiday in Fuerteventura !!

Last week I was on holiday on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura ! It was such a lovely break after exams and a busy few months. I went with my boyfriend James and our friends Josh & Sorcha. We stayed in an apartment and just had an absolute blast. This was my first holiday away with friends so naturally I was a little wary. But I had nothing to worry about, we all had a fantastic time and weren't at each others throats at the end. We were there for a full week and the weather was just fabulous. I think our coldest day was 21 degrees. There isn't lots to do there, so we all lay by the pool most days. It was just heaven. Here's some snaps of the holiday, I took about 1000 but narrowed it down so you wouldn't get bored !

A quick airplane selfie with James!

Travelling Essentials

I did vlog the entire trip so that will be up on my YouTube channel very soon, make sure you're subscribed ! Is anyone else going on holiday ? Where are you off to ?
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My Travel Essentials

I'm not a great traveler at the best of times. I feel very sick if I'm travelling for longer than an hour, so when I need to travel long distances, there are a few things that I like to have to make me forget where I am and make me feel relaxed. So after being on holiday last week I thought I'd share some of my essential items with you...

A Good Book - I think that getting lost in a good book is brilliant for passing time and forgetting where you are. I always bring a good of feel good books with me whenever I travel so that I can be in a positive head space.

Headphones - If you're travelling on a plane or bus or train or anywhere within close proximity to a lot of people, make sure you have noise cancelling headphones or earphones. Last week I was stuck sitting n front of a mother trying to occupy two little boys, now don't get me wrong, I understand that children can get very loud and excited or grumpy on long flights. But when the mother is literally talking so loud that she might as well of been shouting ( for four hours straight), my noise cancelling headphones were a lifesaver  !!

Phone/Laptop/Ipod - Another easy way to pass time is to watch a movie or your favourite TV series. Or write up some blog posts, edit some videos, have a good auld brainstorming session. Having your phone or laptop can make you forget where you are and concentrate on something productive.

Medication - If you get bad travel sickness or headaches while travelling, always bring some medication. I always bring some paracetamol, just in case I get a bad headache. It's also handy to have them in case someone else needs some.

Water - Depending on how you're travelling always remember to keep yourself hydrated. If you're flying, then drink as much as you can because the air in planes dries out your skin and makes you very dehydrated. However if you're on a bus with no toilet, maybe just take regular sips haha !

So they are my travelling essentials, what are yours ?

Erin X

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Blogger Event | GRWM

Hello lovely people ! I recently went to the ITWBN blogger event in the beautiful G Hotel in Galway. I filmed a Get Ready With Me of my makeup. I hope you enjoy it and check out my other videos. Let me know what you think either here or on my YouTube channel in the comments. Don't forget to Subscribe. I have all the details of my makeup products in the description bar of the video.

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5 Favourites | May

This month has been all over the place for me. I finished college for the year, I started a YouTube channel, I started a new job and went on holiday. Very busy to say the least ! I've had great fun this month and it's been the best month of the year so far !

Holiday : I went to the beautiful island of Fuerteventura for a week, with two college friends and my boyfriend. We had the best time and the weather was just amazing. I think our coldest day was 21 degrees. I'll have a full post up on the holiday on Thursday.

Girl Online : I must be the last person to read this book. I kind of put off reading it because I knew I wanted to bring it ob holiday. I figured from the reviews that I'd read that it's light heart and easy to read, perfect for holiday reading. It's a great book and Zoe did an incredible job. Yay team internet !!

YouTube : You may have seen previous posts here and know that I started a YouTube channel. I'd put off doing it for absolute ages but finally found the guts to do it. I've loved every minute so far, it's all very new but very exciting ! I'd love if you all checked it out and subscribed, you can do so here!

L'oreal Infallible Foundation : I don't want to get ahead of myself but, I may have found my holy grail foundation. I almost don't want to type that in case I jinx it. It's so incredible and suits my skin so well. I've only used it about 5 times, so after I'm 100% sure about it, I'll have a full review up.

Red Lipstick : I have recently fallen back in love with red lipstick. It's a classic and I've always loved it, but I guess coming into spring/summer I kind of forgot about it.I was too busy using all of my bright lipsticks that I just kind of forgot about it. While on holiday I started using it again and fell in love all over again. This one is the Rimmel 01 Kate and it's fantastic, very long lasting. I use the red lip liner from PS Love and together they're a match made in heaven !

What have you been loving this month ?

Erin X

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Manicure Monday

Hello friends! I'm so happy to be back blogging after a week away on holiday. I will admit that while the weather was just divine, I really did miss blogging so I'm delighted to be back on track. While I was on holiday, I wanted to wear nail polishes that would look good with a tan. For this reason I brought along the P.S.Love polish in the blue colour. As far as I can tell, they haven't given it a name or number.

I hadn't tried the nail polishes from this brand but had heard good things. So for €1.50 I simply had to try it. I'll start with the things I like. I like the colour itself however it is a bit dark for summer time. I like the packaging, I think the glass bottle makes it seem more fancy or high end. I like the brush, it gives an even coverage on the nails.

 Unfortunately for me that's where the things I like about it END. The formula is really cheap and the colour looks cheap on your nails. It doesn't dry evenly and needs about 3 coats. Even with a base and top coat, it still chips very quickly. After only a few hours of wearing it I noticed chips.

I really do not like this polish and won't be repurchasing this colour or buying any of the other colours. It's an awful pity because I love some of the other products from the PS Love range, but for me this was a  major let down ! I really wouldn't recommend it.

Has anyone else tried this nail polish or the PS Love range ? What are your thoughts on it ?

Erin X
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