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Today I'm back with a little bit of a different post. As I explained in this post, I want to expand what I talk about on this blog. As I work for a social media company, I love social media and all the tools needed to use social media. That includes a smart phone! I am always on the go and rely on my phone A LOT ! I own the Sony Xperia 5, I got it for Christmas but have been on the lookout fro a new phone because the internal space isn't great. So when Microsoft Social got in touch and asked if I'd like to trial a phone for a few weeks, it was like music to my ears!

I had never previously had or used a windows phone, so I was very intrigued! Ok so down to business, this is a great budget friendly phone. It runs windows 8.1 operating system which is perfect for anyone who uses windows 8.1 on their laptop. There's very little difference so it's easy to get used to. It has a 5 inch screen with a quad core processor.

Aesthetically, it's beautiful. The corners are ever so slightly slightly rounded. It comes with a matt black cover/case so it doesn't slip out of your hand easily. It's very chic but practical. While the screen is great, you might want to keep a screen cleaner around if you're particularly bothered about fingerprints. I'm not so it didn't bother me. Over all the design is very minimal, there is a simple round hole for the speaker grill, the camera and Microsoft logo are positioned in the center, keeping it to a very minimal design.

The phone is completely touch screen and is very responsive. It's 8.8mm thick, so it's very thin meaning it's easily manageable in one hand.  Considering the price (approx €180), it's very impressive to see a display with a pixel density of almost 300ppi. At 294 pixels per inch, the resolution is high enough at distinguishing individual pixels is quite difficult.

For me the camera was one of my favourite aspects, as a blogger being able to take good quality photos from a phone is just ideal. There are lots of settings that you can play around with. It's very clear and the colours come out true to life. I was super impressed with the still shot results as well as the video quality. Also the phone has 1G of RAM with is ideal for storage.

The phone is easy, quick and smooth to navigate. It is a very quick phone, the only times I ever experienced lagging was when I was loading web pages and games. But nothing that would annoy you. It also has a remarkably good battery life, at moderate use you can just about get two full days out of it.

For me, working in social media and being a blogger/YouTube, I use lots of apps on a daily basis. I found that getting the apps I needed such as snapchat wasn't an option. This was quite annoying but to be honest, it's the only thing I can criticize about this phone. It really is an incredible phone for its price point and performed admirably. It will also be up-gradable to windows 10 when that's released.

Have you tried this phone? What are your thoughts ?

Erin X

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