5 Favourites | January

Hello everybody ! I cannot believe I'm writing this post already, how is January almost over ??? I'm back in college now and settling back into a routine. I have two new modules which I think will be so much fun, design studio and interaction design so I'm sure there'll be some posts when my projects are completed. Anyway, here's what I've been loving this month !

My Scarf : The weather has been freezing this month and I have not left the house without my blur tartan blanket scarf. It's 100% wool and keeps me ridiculously warm. It also has another design on the other side, so it pretty much goes with everything. I bought this in October for €7 in Pennies/Primark and it's been one of my best investments.

Sudocrem : My skin has just been awful this month, I assume it's because of all the crap I ate over Christmas. This little tub of cream has been magic. I know it's controversial in the beauty world, but it really works for me and I'd of been lost without it this month.

MUA Elysium Palette : This has been my go to palette all month. It's probably my favourite palette out of all my palettes. I love the gold, bronze and pink simmer, the perfect amount of sparkle.

MINT Nail Polish : I am obsessed with this nail polish and have been all month. If you want to read more, I did a post about it HERE

Collection Concealer : As I said above, my skin has been awful this month so concealer has been my best friend. If you read THIS post, you'll know exactly why I love this concealer.

So they're my five most favourites things in January ! What have been your favourites ?

Erin X
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Fave Bloggers/Vloggers in January

Hi everyone ! Today I want to share a bit of blogging love, and tell you all about my favourite bloggers this month. I'm going to do this every month from now on. I think this is a great way to find new blogs and I have found great blogs because of posts like this. So the following are who I've been reading non stop this month !


  • In SAMazement : I just love this blog ! Sam is so beautiful and so talented. I have really enjoyed her blog this month. She is brilliant at nail art and creates some amazing designs. Some of my favourite posts of hers this month include FOTD - A Pop of Pink Lipstick and Sparkly Pink Ombre Chevron Nail Art . If you haven't already checked her out, you really should.  Click HERE to see her blog.
  • Cardigan Jezebel : A fellow Irish blogger, Meggan does a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. This month, particularly in the last week I have been loving her beauty posts. I love her style of writing and find her posts a great read. Some of my faves include Ultimate Hair Inspiration and Four Favourites: Lush Skincare . Click HERE to see her blog.
  • Becky Bedbug : I really love Becky's blog. I think her blog layout and design is really pretty and her content is second to none. She is also the host of the #fbloggers chat which is one of my faves. I really enjoy her OOTD's especially THIS and THIS one. I love her confidence and style . You can check out her blog HERE !
  • My Daily Wear : My Daily Wear is run by the lovely Izabela Nair. I ADORE her OOTD's because they're genuine OOTD's not perfectly styled outfits put together for the sake of an OOTD post. Two of my fave outfits this month were Floral Dress and Just Another Dose of Monochrome 
  • ChrissyLilly : Another Irish blogger with a fab blog ! I only came across this blog at the start of the month and already it's one of my faves. I love her writing style and content. Some of my favourite posts from this month are Can I Be A Writer and Investing In Your Blog .
  • Lemon Freckles : I recently found this blog, only about two weeks ago, but I'm so happy I did find it. I absolutely adore Toni's blog design and photography ! I love reading through her posts and get excited when I see a post of hers pop up on bloglovin. Some of my posts this month were Saving Memories and Bedroom Details.

Favourite Vloggers
I have been loving the following three YouTubers all month, they're all Irish too which fills me with pride as I love seeing some of my own really succeed !
  • Facesbygrace : I found Facesbygrace's youtube through Melanie Murphy ( another fab Irish vlogger) and I am so happy I did. I think I subscribed after watching about two videos which is rare because I usually watch about 10/15 videos before I actually subscribe ! I'm obsessed with her vlogs, she's so natural at vlogging and it's genuinely a pleasure to watch. I also love her beauty tutorials and haul videos. If you haven't checked her out yet HERE is the link to her youtube.
  • The Beautiful Truth : I'm a huge fan of Sinead's blog and I knew when she set up her youtube I'd love that too. I was not disappointed in the slightest. Sinead is a beauty blogger/vlogger and one of my faves at that ! She set up her YT about 3/4 months ago and since then has produced really helpful make up tutorials. One of my favourite videos was her Disappointing Products of 2014. This video is why I love her, she so genuinely honest about products! I can't wait for more videos, you can check out her YT HERE.
  • Letz Makeup: I recently found Siobhan's channel through the Into The West Blogging Network. I quickly fell in love with her videos and spent way too long watching lots of videos from her channel. One of my favourite videos is Rihanna of Arabia' Makeup Tutorial. Siobhan is such a talented make up artist and is very good at making complicated looking makeup looks easy ! I subscribed after about 3 videos which as I said above is very rare ! You can check out her YT HERE.

So they're my favourite bloggers and vloggers this month. Who have been your favourite this month?

Erin X
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Essential Make-up to Bring on a Night Out

When your going out for a night on the town, it's often hard to know what to bring with you ! I used to be one of those girls that brought everything but the kitchen sink in my bag. However after years of lugging around small but very over-packed bags on nights out, I've learned my lesson and now I only bring the absolute essentials. I only ever bring out exactly what I use and also things that are very replaceable.

Concealer : I bring my concealer everywhere with me(as you can see from the battered packaging) and especially on nights out. My favorite at the moment is the collection concealer (I did a review HERE). It's small so it'll fit in any handbag/clutch and is perfect for little touch ups.  Also this concealer is about €5.50 so if you lose it on a night out, it won't break the bank to replace it.

Mascara : Of course mascara is essential, little touch ups throughout the night to make sure your lashes stay perfectly curled. I recently bought this NYC mascara and it's perfect for a night out, it's only about €3 so again is very replaceable.

Eyeliner : I always use eyeliner on a night out, it's the one thing I find that needs to be reapplied quite often so this skinny little eyeliner is perfect as it's not heavy in any way and will fit in any bag. It's only about €3 so if you lose it, it's not the end of the world.

Lipstick : Of course, you can't leave the house without your lippie !! It is probably the most essential out of everything (or at least in my opinion). Reapplying your lippie often is so important because no one likes that, half on half off look !

Clips : These are the handiest thing when you've been on the dancefloor all night and you feel like you're going to pass out with heat. Pop your hair up with clips and you're sorted !!

So they're my essentials what do you think, am I missing something ? What are your essentials for a night on the town ?

Erin X
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How To Be An Organised Student

Hi everyone ! Today is my first day of semester two in college. It's the end of January and I finished semester one on the 9th of December,I've had about SEVEN weeks off ! Way too long in my opinion, but plenty of time to prepare for semester two. College is so different to secondary school, you're not spoon fed anymore and if you miss your deadlines, you don't get a second chance. That's why being organised is so important !! I usually find that most lectures 'just happen' to set all deadlines on the one week.

1. Stationary - Like everything, having the right materials is vital. I'm a little biased because I LOVE stationary. Nothing motivates me more to do work than pretty stationary (pretty sad I know). I have so much stationary but I've skimmed it down to the absolute essentials.

  • Sticky notes are so useful, if you're a visual learner like me, then writing notes on different coloured backgrounds is ideal.
  • A pencil case, obvious I know but you'd be surprised at the amount of students that don't have them. I picked up this cute little makeup bag in Pennies/Primark and use it as a pencil case.
  • Some Pens, I love the pastel multi-coloured pen. It's my favourite. I just love writing in pretty colours. A couple of blue/black/red pens are also obviously necessary.
  • Highlighters are so handy for picking out important pieces of information and super useful come exam time when you're just skimming through notes.
  • USB keys, you'll be surprised how many of these you go through. My course is basically all on the computer so I always have a USB close by.
  • Clear sheet pockets, great for keeping your sheets clean and crisp, you can get like 50 of them for €2 so you really can't go wrong.

2. Folders - Keeping everything in folders will keep you super organised. You won't waste time trying to find your printed notes etc. It'll help you keep track of everything for that particular subject/module.

3. Timetables - Once you get you're timetable, add in extra slots for studying specific modules and for exercise. This will help you make sure you get the best out of your days. It will also help you prioritise what assignments need doing first and remind you what deadlines are coming up.

4.  Lists - To Do lists will help you keep on top of everything, break it up into monthly, weekly and daily to do lists. Write lists for everything, seriously they really help. Write shopping lists, budgeting lists, chore lists everything and then enjoy the satisfaction when everything on the list is ticked off.

5. Preparation - Preparation is key to organisation. I try to always prepare what I'm wearing and my lunch for the next day, the night before so it's ready in the morning and I get that essential extra 15 minutes in bed. But it's essential for every part of student life, making sure your gym gear is washed and dried, making sure you have enough food etc.

So that's how to be an organised student,or at least how I stay organised.How do you stay organised ?

Erin X
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100 Fit Days - Week 2

Hello everyone ! This week has been all over place in terms of routine, moving back to college and late nights and I think my fitness did suffer. But I persevered and I'm glad I did. Here's a look at #100FitDays week 2 !

Taking advantage of the lovely weather by going for a 5k walk with my mam !

Then there are days when the last thing you want to do is exercise, but consistence is the key !

I made a gorgeous homemade soup for lunch

Feeling lazy on a rainy day so I did a Lazy Girl's workout !

Out for another walk with my cousin before I left for college.

I love this quote ! I might even frame it and keep it on my desk in college as a constant reminder !

Strawberries are my fave healthy snack

I had ups and downs with fitness this week but my biggest achievement was going out for a brisk walk even though I was hungover ! Usually I'd of made an excuse but I won't run a half marathon that way ! How was your week ?

Erin X
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100 Days of Happiness - Week 2

Hi everyone ! This week has just flown by, I've had a brilliant week all round, between spending time with my mam, coming back to college and cocktails with my bestie ! So here's week 2 of #100DaysOfHappiness.

I went out to dinner with my mam before I left for college. We went to Pepe's in Nenagh, I ordered the bbq chicken pizza and it was just divine. It had a super thin base which is my fave !

Me and my mam also went to the cinema this week to see Wild starring Reese Witherspoon. To be honest, I didn't like the movie that much, I thought the ending was a big let down. I adore Reese Witherspoon she's one of my favourite actresses and she did a great job with this movie, but the film was just missing something. However I got to have popcorn and cinema popcorn is the best !

 I found this quote on Pinterest and just loved it !

I did a post all about blue nails. This is the first non glittery polish I've tried from MINT and love it.

Reunited with my bestie for some gorgeous cocktails ! 

 Very tired and hungover Friday morning, but I still managed to drag myself out of bed and go for a walk. I'm actually really proud of myself for doing it and it did make me feel a lot better. 

 I finally got to see Into the Woods ! 

So that sums up week 2 #100DaysOfHappiness. I hope you enjoyed seeing my week, have you started/done the #100DaysOfHappiness challenge ? 

Erin x
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Guest Post : Summer of '69

Hi everyone!

I’m Caroline from Summer of ’69 and I’m going to be writing today’s post for Chasing  Rubies Chasing Pearls (hope you don’t mind!)

So for this post I thought I’d talk about my current favourite red lipstick line, and its in the form of the L’Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive range, which I have fallen head over heals in love with.

I don't think I've ever been as excited over a lipstick range before as I have with these, and I simply had to share my love of them with the internet; they're just that damn good. The L'Oreal Collection Exclusive range is the sister range to the uber successful Collection Privee range. The difference between the two is that the Privee range was nudes and the Exclusive range is reds. The range consists of the L'Oreal ambassadors; Eva, Blake, Julianne and Liya, all of whom you would have seen on either TV adverts, billboards, magazine spreads etc. They have developed their own personal red lipstick, giving you a better idea of what colour is best suited to you as you can compare your skin tone with the ambassador. 

I have one lipstick from the Privee range, in Cheryl's Nude, and in all honesty I hated it. I thought the colour was beautiful but it had no pigmentation and looked like I put a clear gloss on. This resulted in me being reluctant to try out the Exclusive range, but I couldn't have been more wrong...

First off, just look at that packaging! The black snakeskin effect tube with the gold band around the middle is just simply stunning. I love the L'Oreal Paris imprint in the gold band too, it just feels so luxurious. I also think that the ambassador's signature written in gold on the front is a cute little touch too. Not only does the packaging look expensive, but it also feels luxurious too. They don't have the cheap plastic feel to them, which is really nice, as it feels like you're holding something far more special.

I have Eva's Red and Blake's Red, and both colours are just simply beautiful. Eva's Red is more of a burned red (its a very difficult colour to describe), whereas Blake's Red it a more classic pillar box red, very beautiful. Both of these colours are super pigmented and one coat will give you full opacity. 

I love that this range is purely matte forumlas as I only ever wear matte red lipstick. However these are the most creamy matte lipsticks I think I've ever owned. They literally feel so smooth and just glide on. And because they contain jojoba oil, once they're on, they feel moisturising and hydrating all day long. There's nothing worse than a matte lipstick that feels as though its drying your lips up!

They last for a very long time too, I usually get around 5 hours of wear out of them, and they fade to a pretty subtle stain that's even (we all dread the red ring!)

I honestly can't say a bad word about them. They're everything a red lipstick should be and then some. And can you believe that these retail for only £6.99? I'd honestly pay 4 times the amount for that because they scream quality and can rival the higher end brands on every aspect. Well done L'Oreal!

Have you tried this range yet? If so what did you think?
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The Liebster Award #4

Hi guys, I was lucky enough to be nominated for the fourth time for the Liebster award. The lovely Aisling from AISLINGFLYNNBEAUTY101 nominated me. I love these posts as it highlights small blogs and shines the light on them. I've found so many great blogs thanks to posts like this.

> Answer the questions that are sent to you

>Nominate 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers on Twitter

>Ask them 12 questions of your own

>Notify them that they've been nominated

Aisling's Questions : 
1) What make up item were you most disappointed with?
Urban Decay Naked palette 2. There was so much hype but I honestly rarely use it.
2) What is your favorite perfume?
I have a few favourites but I just cannot get enough of Britney Spears Fantasy. I also adore Dior Addict.
3) What is your favorite nail polish colour to wear?
I love wearing red nail polish!
4) Why did you start blogging?
I'd read blog for ages before I started and I just wanted to share my opinion on different topics and products.
5) Favorite song at the moment?
I'm loving everything from Taylor Swift's album 1989, especially Welcome to New York.
6) Favorite Youtuber?
This changes so often but Lily Pebbles is always in my top 3 favourites.
7) Would you ever take your blog to youtube?
I think I would eventually if that was something my readers would want to see and if I were confident enough.
8) Favorite tv show?
Currently obsessing over Gossip Girl, I know I'm late to the party on this one but I've watched like 40 episodes in like 3 days...thank god for the Christmas break ha
9) Where would you most like to go on holidays?
I'd love to visit Bali, Bora Bora and the Maldives.
10) What is your favorite season and why?
Christmas is my favourite time of year, the atmosphere, fairy lights, food, cosy fires, warm jumpers, the cold, seeing family, Christmas movies...seriously I could go on forever about my love of Christmas.
11) Do you have a celebrity crush?
Boy crush is Ed Sheeran I just adore him, he's such a sweetheart ! Girl crush is Taylor Swift, so beautiful and talented and a real girls girl. I'd love to be friends with her !

My Questions !
1.What's your favourite A/W trend ?
2.Who is your beauty idol ?
3.If you were to win the lottery and became a multi- millionaire what would you do with it ?
4.What is your favourite thing about Winter/ christmas ?
5.What's your favourite perfume ?
6.Who is your current favourite blogger ?
7.What is your dream job ?
8.What's your idea of a perfect night in ? 
9.Favourite lipstick ?
10. Who's are your fashion idols ?

I've already nominated lots of people in previous posts so if you fancy doing this yourself, give it a go and leave a link in the comments 

Erin x
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Tuesday Blues

What better way to beat the Tuesday blues than to give yourself a manicure, which is exactly what I've done! I bought this gorgeous nail polish at the clothes show live event in Birmingham in December. I've never tried any nail polishes from Mint, but I am so pleased with my purchase.  I think this shade is called 'Le Jardin'. I really love the colour, it's lovely and refreshing ! It applies very well, the brush is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. I have a few other colours of Mint nail polishes and after using this one, I honestly can't wait to use the others. I can now say I am a big fan of mint and need to find some stores that sell the brand in Ireland !

Have you tried any MINT nail polishes ? What did you think ?

Erin x 

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100 Fit Days - Week 1

Hi guys, so if you seen THIS post then you'll know that I've taken on the 100 Fit Days challenge. I took it up because I think it's about time that get my health in order again. I've actually really enjoyed my first week. The weather has been all over the place, but between sunshine and snow I've managed to get a workout in.

100 fit days started off great, I did a 5k walk with my mam !

You've got to start somewhere right ?

Beautiful day for a walk in the woods !

And then the snow came, so this meant working out indoors !

Feeling sore after yesterday's workout, but at least it's satisfying !

Taking advantage of the weather and enjoying a lovely walk in the woods !

My goal.

So that's what my week 1 of the 100 fit days challenge looked like. I hope you enjoyed this post ! Let me know in the comments.

Erin x

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100 Days of Happiness - Week 1

Hi guys, so if you seen THIS post then you'll know that I've taken on the 100 days of happiness challenge. I think it's good to try and find happiness in each and every day, even if the day isn't particularly happy. I do apologize for not instagramming the pictures every day but I didn't have a phone up until Wednesday. Anyway this is how my first week of the 100 days looks. 

My book order arrived and I can't wait to start reading these !

I love this quote, I think it's important to smile everyday and look for the positives.

I met up with some college friends and had a blast bowling !

 I'm working on seeing the good in every situation.

 I finally got a 2015 diary and I couldn't be happier with it.

I spent a couple of days at college working on the Formula Student project, in case you don't know what Formula Student is it's basically a group of students from universities all over the world build and race a racing car, similar to the Formula 1 cars. I am P.R.O of the project so I was working on some upcoming fund raisers. If you're interested in following the journey you can follow us on Facebook HERE !

The weather in Ireland has been all over the place. It snowed during the week and I felt like I was in Frozen. It was amazing !

So that's what my week looked at. I hope you enjoyed this post ! Let me know in the comments.

Erin x

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The Get To Know Me Tag

Hello friends ! Today I'm doing the get to know me tag, I was tagged by the lovely Izabela from My Daily Wear If you haven't checked out her blog yet, I'd really recommend it. I always love her OOTDs. So let's get on with the tag....

1. Name.

2.Blog Name : Anything special about it ?
Chasing Rubies Chasing Pearls, I got the idea from the lyrics of one of my favourite bands, Hudson Taylor.

3. How long have you had your blog for ?
Since October, so nearly four months now.

4. Favourite colour ?
I change my mind so often, but generally red/purple.

5. Age ?

6. Why did you start blogging ?
I started blogging because I'd been reading blogs for a long time and thought I'd give it a go.

7. What's your favourite book ?
Ooh a tough one, too tough ha, I don't know I love so many. I'll go with The Fault in Our Stars because it's one of the only books that has actually made me cry.

8. Favourite highlighter? Why ?
I like the MAC Lustre drops touche bronzante, ust love it for nights out !

9. Holy grail drugstore foundation?
Rimmel 25hr long lasting foundation I did a review on it HERE

10. Holy grail high end foundation ?
Haven't tried many high end foundations to be honest.

11. Favourite primer ?
I don't really use primers, I've only ever used the vichy one, I didn't notice a huge difference so I've never really bother with them !

12. All time favourite mascara ? Both high end and drugstore ?
High end would be the benefit BadGal mascara and drugstore would be max factor excess volume extreme impact mascara.

13.What's your favourite make up brand both high end and drugtore ?
High-end is Benefit and drugstore would be Rimmel.

14. What's your favourite food ?

15. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why ?
Another tough one, I've been on about going to Bora Bora or Bali, I've hear such amazing things and I'd like to experience it for myself.

16. How may times did you post last year ?

17. What apps do you use to edit pictures or create thumbnails ?
Picmonkey or Aviary photos

18. What's your twitter name ?

19. What's your instagram name ?

20. What's your favourite candy ?
Coca cola bottles, I'm absolutely addicted.

21. Favourite drink ?
I love club lemon !

22. What's your favourite clothing store ?
New look without a doubt.

23. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Strong, thoughtful, loyal.

24. What do you want to improve about your blog this year ?
My blog design and photography.

So that's the end of the tag ! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better. Thanks again to Izabela for tagging me ! I tag everyone to do this tag, if you do it please leave a comment below, I love reading these kind of tags ! 

Erin x
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The Taylor Swift Tag

When I seen this tag I was so excited ! I absolutely ADORE Taylor Swift. I am obsessed with 1989. It's such an amazing album and I've been listening to it non stop since I bought the album. So here it is, the Taylor Swift Tag !

1.Welcome to New York // If you could live in any city, which would it be and why ? 
I'm sure there are many cities that I'd love to live in but from the cities I have been to, It would have to be New York ! There is just a different kind of atmosphere there, a sense of fearlessness and hope.

2.Blank Space // What is something that everyone thinks is true about you but is actually false ?
I don't know really, maybe people perceive me to be in a bad mood/ moody because I have 'resting bitch face', in case you don't know what resting bitch face is, it's basically just your natural face when you're not talking or smiling, it's just how your face falls. When I'm not smiling, I can look quite unhappy and miserable even though I might be in an amazing mood.

3.Style // What is one item in your closet that makes you feel unstoppable ?
OOH a tough one. My red peplum dress i think. It's just that one outfit that I feel really good in.

4. Out of the Woods // What is one thing you're afraid of ?
I'm afraid of failing, I always have been. No matter what it is, I always think I've failed or will fail before I've even given myself a proper chance. It's one of my worst attributes and something I really need to work on.

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay // Who is someone you wish was still in your life ?
I wish my grandmother was still here. Unfortunately in 2012 she passed away from breast cancer, she has been such an inspiration to me and I appreciate and idolize her so much more now that I'm older. Even though she's not around anymore I still really look up to her. I hope one day I'll be half as strong, brave, loving and kind as she was.

6. Shake It Off // What is something you have had to shake off ?
I have had to shake off a bad friendship recently. It was hard but I learned a lot from the experience.

7. I Wish You Would //What is something you'd like to happen right now?
I'd like to travel right now. I haven't really traveled in about two years and I just have an itch to go and explore this amazing planet.

8.Bad Blood // Have you ever has someone stab you in the back ?
Yes, of course ! The scars are still there but fading with every day that passes.

9. Wildest Dreams // What would you like to be remembered as ?
I want people to remember how I've made them feel and hopefully that's a good feeling. I try my best to make other feel good and support their dreams and ambitions. It doesn't cost anything to be nice !

10. How You Get The Girl // What is your favourite pick up line ?
I don't really have a favourite but the first one that popped into my head was 'Are you religious ? Because you're the answer to all my prayers'. Total cringe !

11. This Love // What is something you got back that you never thought you would ?
I recently found a dress that I thought I'd lost, turns out a friend borrowed it ages ago that I'd forgotten about. I was so happy to see it again !

12. I Know Places // Where is one place you always feel safe ?
Home. Surrounded by my family, the people that have always loved me.

13. Clean// What is an important lesson you have learned in your life and how did you learn it ?
I've learned to not take people at face value. People always have agendas, sometimes they are good agendas and can gave a good impact on you and your life, but other times they aren't and can be quite negative, so just be careful. I learned this through some friendships that ended in an unfortunate way.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag ! Has anyone else done this tag ? Let me know in the comments !

Erin x
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100 Days of Happiness and 100 Fit Days !

Hello everybody ! If you've read THIS post then you'll know I didn't have the best of years in 2014, but that's all in the past now and it's onward and upwards from here on out. I have decided to change my lifestyle this year, both on the inside and out. I'm doing the 100 happy days to work on being positive on the inside, and I'm doing the 100 fit days to work on the outside ! I'll be doing two separate posts every Friday about how my week was in terms of happiness and fitness. I'll also be posting pictures daily about my jouirney on my Instagram so make sure you check that out. To kick things off I thought I'd share some of the quotes that have inspired me.

Image source HERE

Is anyone else making a change this year ?

Erin x
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