My Very First Giveaway !

Hello there friends !

I am hosting my very first giveaway. I picked up some really lovely bits from the Botanics range and wanted to treat one of your lovely readers. The past few months have been super busy and I've been all over the place. Time and time again, I'd receive lovely messages and tweets and snaps from some of you and it would just make my day. So I wanted to give back a little as a thank you for all of your support. It's only small but its the thought that counts haha. 

So how do you enter ?? Well its very simple...

  1. You must 'like' my Facebook page, you can find it HERE
  2. You must like and share THIS status on your Facebook page about the giveaway
  3. You must tag a friend in the comments of that status

Easy peasy. Thank you all again for your support and kind messages.
Best of luck to everyone !

Erin X

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