10 Places That I Want To Visit In America

After the success of my last travel post ( 10 places in Europe that I want to visit), I thought I'd extend my travel wishlist. This time focusing on all the beautiful places in North America I'd love to visit ! There are of course so many places that I'd like to visit but here's a few that are top of my list !

San Francisco 
They have pastel coloured buildings !!! Do I need to explain this one any further ?

 New York
I have actually been to NYC before but it was only for four days so I'd love to go back and have a proper look around, maybe at Christmas time !

I've always heard so much about Miami and the lovely beaches there. I think this would be a fab girls only holiday!

L.A seems like such a cool places filled with lots of celebs and general fun things to do !

 San Diego
I'm sorry but how beautiful does this city look !!

I'd love to experience the windy city in all it's glory !

 Vegas baby !

I'm not much of a gambler, in fact I've never gambled a day in my life but if I was going to do it anywhere, it might as well be Vegas !

I think I'd mainly like to go to Texas for the food but just look at the spa resorts !!

Boston is another city I've seen a lot in tv shows and movies and would just generally like to go there !
How pretty does it look !!! Definitely want to visit Atlanta !!

Where would you like to visit in America ?

Erin X

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  1. I would love to visit these cities too! I love America, especially the scenery and history. I've been to Boston but I was young and can't remember it alot!

    Kourtney x

  2. This is literally identical to my list! We should go together lol! I'm planning my trip to NYC for next August hopefully - as long as I've saved enough as I've heard its expensive :) Great post!

    John |Shout John

  3. I would love to visit Texas!


  4. I'd love to go to all these places! They all look fantastic!

  5. Oh wow the picture of San Fran looks amazing!
    Rachel Coco

    1. Doesn't it just look like heaven ! I wanna go there so badly !!


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