Limerick Student Race Day

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently ! It's the last couple of the semester and I have lots of assignments due. Unfortunately college comes first at the moment but don't worry summer is fast approaching and I have some really fun posts planned !

Anyway, last week I went to Limerick Student Race Day. It was so much fun and the weather was just phenomenal. My morning started with a shower followed by nails, makeup and hair. Possibly my favourite part of any day is doing my makeup but on special occasions I find it to be extra fun. I knew that my dress was cream and dark blue so I based my nails and eye makeup around those colours. On my nails I used Isadora's beautiful 'classy nude' and top coat. For the royal blue colour I used the shade 'dark blue 16' from Dunnes.

After finishing my nails, I moved onto my makeup. I decide on a navy blue smokey eye. I used my Makeup Revolution 144 palette. For my base I used a brand that's new to me called Cailyn, in the shade '04 sand'. I'm usually an Ivory in any foundation but because I had Cocoa Brown's incredible tan on, I opted for a darker shade. I used the O! WOW brush to smooth everything out and give me an airbrush finish. I then contoured, blushed and highlighted with the naked flushed palette. On my brows was Benefit 'Brow wiz'. On my lips I wore a beautiful nude from Essence called 'Oh So Matt' . I finished the look with the Collection Extreme eyeliner and benefit Roller Lash.

As for my hair I simply curled it and pinned some bits back. Before we headed off to the race course, we had some predrinks at a friends house and took lots of photos. The weather was fantastic, about 20 degrees. We took full advantage and had great natural lighting.

 The event itself kicked off around 2 o clock. I wasn't very interested in the actual races or betting. For me the excitement of the day was all in the fashion. The style was on another level. While everyone else was busy betting, I was taking in all the dresses and head pieces ! I did bet €2 eventually and my horse came in fourth so I cut my losses right there and opted for some Ice-cream instead. The weather really made the day, it was just phenomenal.

One thing that really annoyed me about last year's races was the backlash it got about students drinking. I don't really want to have a rant about, but last year and this year I was completely sober. Yes, last year there were some students drunk and this year there was too. I can't deny that, but what really gets me is people ringing in radio stations complaining, when firstly they weren't there and it doesn't effect them and secondly, parents choose to give their child money for the day out and that's their choice. As I said I was sober both times and from what I heard on radio stations and read in the papers after the event was completely blown out of proportion. It was so exaggerated and really unfair. As the saying goes, don't believe everything you read in the papers !

On a lighter note, I had a fantastic day chilling with friends in the sun. The fashion and style was amazing and I cannot wait for next year !

Erin X

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  1. Erin you look so stunning, I love that colour on you! So gorgeous. Glad the weather was good for you, too! Great company and nice weather makes all the difference to a day like that :) x

    1. Thanks Gracey !! It was a fab day and everyone was so happy thanks for reading x


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