100 Fit Days Week 3 + Week 4

I feel like a bit of a fraud sitting down to write this post, which is why I've waited so long to actually write it up. To be perfectly honest the last too weeks I've done very little exercise, so I don't really feel right titling this post 100 fit days. My excuses ? College. I've just started back and this semester is completely different to last semester. I don't have any end of term exams, it's all continuous assessment, which sounds great in theory but actually it's a total pain ! I'm constantly busy with assignments due every week.

 The change in college work and of course socializing with my college friends has been the  reason my fitness has been pushed to the side. It's always 'I'll do it later' then 'I'm too tired, I'll do better tomorrow'. It's now over two weeks of this and already I'm noticing the effects. I starting to feel sluggish again and my skin is breakout more. I've tried to motivate myself by buying some new workout gear, which did work for about two days.

SO in order to get back on the right track I'm setting myself some daily goals and I'm sharing them here so there's a bit more pressure on me to actually do them !

1 > Drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day
2 >Plan Plan Plan, make sure I've scheduled a specific time each day to exercise
3 > Do at least 1 hour of exercise everyday
4 > Eat healthy foods and snacks

Not every day was a failure over the last two weeks, here's some pictures of my good days !

Healthy snacks and some lovely walks !

Throwback to when I did Kilimanjaro, and recruiting a walking budding !
Have you ever been in my situation where life just gets in the way ? How did you get through it ?

Erin X 
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  1. I really love the idea of posting weekly healthy living reviews, I think I want to start!
    I think setting the small weekly goals is a good start, even if you don't get an hour in everyday at the start the hardest thing to do is to start.
    I will keep up with your next review to see how your going! X

    1. Thank you ! For me it just puts a little more pressure on me to actually go and exercise instead of making excuses and justifying them to myself. Thank you so much, that means the absolute world to me X

  2. Yes! We have so much uni work all the time it's hard to fit anything else in, don't worry, you're not alone!
    Love this post by the way, don't let a few off days throw you off.. we have them a lot more than we'd like to admit :)

    A&K // SBW-D.blogspot.com x


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