Sunkissed Self - Tan Mousse Review - Ultra Dark

 I've developed a bit of an obsession with fake tan over the last year. I feel like everyone had this moment in their teens but it just kinda skipped me. Yeah I'd throw a bit of tan on for a night out or an event but otherwise I wouldn't bother. Now however I love having a bit of tan on all the time, makes me feel a bit better and a bit more put together (all silly and in my head I know, but still!!) ๐Ÿ˜‚. 

Let's do a quick review!


  • I picked it up in Boots for €7.99 which i thought was an absolute bargain!
  • I has 200ml of product. 
  • It's vegan, cruelty free and contains over 95% natural ingredients. 
  • Its smells amazing. It's very difficult to find a tan that actually smells nice, this one smells like coconuts! 
  • Its incredibly fast drying, not too fast that you don't have to blend though. 
  • It has a great guide colour and the initial colour is a lovely medium dark tan which intensifies over a few hours to give a gorgeous dark colour. 
  • It claims to last five days and while you'd want to be removing it by the fifth day, it does actually hold up very well. 
  • I love the packaging, very simple but does the job, it's also 100% sustainable packaging.

  • I don't actually have any cons.


It's a great tan for a great price! It does what it says on the label, doesn't contain any nasties as far as I can see, gives a great colour that wears away well and has 100% sustainable packaging. This is definitely one to try gals! 

Erin X 

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  1. Bought this Tan last yr. After using more expensive Tans. Found this to be one of the best. Goes on lovely I mix with a moisturiser for n even coverage. Looks great n wears away naturally . Definitely give it a try .. u'll love it . Sharon ..Dublin .

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