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Hello everybody ! Today's gift guide is all about brothers. Whether they're older or younger than you, hopefully this guide will help. My brother is younger than me, he's 15 almost 16. He changes his mind about what he wants for Christmas roughly around 8 times a day, so this year I haven't even asked him what he'd like I've just said you're getting a surprise ! 

Jersey - Most teenage boys LIVE in jerseys, so why not get him a jersey with his name and number on the back. A great gift that he'll get good use out of.

New Shoes - Get him some new trainers for the new year. Nike have a great selection !

Cool Merchandise - If your brother is into Marvel or any other franchise, treat him to some cool merchandise. Amazon have great gifts.

X- Box Game - Coming up to Christmas there is always a new game out and it's usually over €60, if he doesn't have the money to splash around, why not treat him. A guaranteed winner !

Clothes - Why is it that boys always seem to have like 10 items of clothes yet girls have a million ? Why not buy him a full outfit for family events over Christmas or his next teenage disco. 

 Tickets - Treat him to a great day out, whether its a sibling bonding day or a boys day out. You can get great deals on sites like groupon or grab one for a day out karting and things like that.

I hope this has helped even a tiny bit. What ideas do you have for your brother this Christmas ?

Erin x
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