Sick Day Essentials

Hello everybody ! So if you've read any of my weekly wrap ups or follow me on Twitter, then you'll know I've been feeling poorly recently. If you haven't then basically I got a cold/flu,  half recovered from it but pushed myself too hard too quick and ended up completely burnt out. So this got me thinking about how grateful I was for certain items in my life, the ones that are my essentials when I'm sick.

The first is a big fluffy blanket. I got this lavender/lilac blanket in Pennies for €12. I am so in love with it. It's so soft and it's absolutely massive !! I can literally wrap it around myself like three times.

Next up is a hot water bottle. I'm in college and can't afford to have the heating on all day so a hot water bottle is essential. My mam got me this cute one when I started college.

Hot drinks like lemsip, tea or hot chocolate in your favourite mug is crucial. I love my Little Miss Naughty mug. I got it last year at Christmas (yet again from my mam). For me it was hot chocolate with little marshmallows that helped me through the week !

Next up is entertainment. Lying in bed all day can get pretty boring so to keep myself occupied I read, watch netflix and try to plan blog posts etc. Some of the books on my bedside locker at the moment are Allegiant by Veronica Roth, Paper Towns and Let it Snow by John Greene. Netflix wise I've recently been obsessed with Orange is the new black, and just in case all of that didn't pass enough time there's always the Harry Potter box-set. Who doesn't love a HP marathon ?

If like me, it's a head cold  that's keeping you glued to your bed, then you more than likely have a case of the sniffles and you probably resemble Rudolph from using so many tissues (I know I did), then keeping you're skin hydrated is key. I used my Nivea moisturizer.  I found it great,it has jojoba oil and vitamin E in it which is always a plus. Vaseline for my lips, this huge tub has three smaller tins inside. Great for chapped lips !

My last few sick day essentials include, a big 2L bottle of water to sip my way through (hydration is vital), some lovely candles to set a relaxed atmosphere and notebooks to write down any and all ideas that pop into your mind when you're lying in bed/ on the sofa for hours.

So they were my sick day essentials, what's yours ?

Erin x
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