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Hello everybody ! Continuing on with the gift guides, today's guide is all about fathers. Dads can often be hard to buy for, in the past I've usually always gotten my dad a sports book or a good jumper. This year however I've gone down a different route and gotten him something completely different, something that he'd never of thought of, it came in the post the other day and I literally cannot wait to give it to him. I won't share it just yet in case he sees this, but after Christmas I will share what I got everyone, I promise.

Personalised greatest dad jigsaw - I personally love this (nothing to do with my obsession with jigsaw I swear). A personal gift to remind him that you love him.

Engraved Cufflinks - This would be a lovely little gift, they're not too expensive, yet they're personal and add great sentiment.

Handy Man Personalised Mug - I think most dads are the handy man/ maintenance guy at home. If my bulb blows, it's dad who fixes it, if the washing machine breaks, it's dad who fixes it. My dad is a mechanical engineer and spends a lot of his time at work fixing machines, so a personalised handy man mug is just ideal. 

Tickets - Get him tickets to a rugby game or a football game, and while you're at it get one for yourself and go with him for a daddy daughter day out. 

Personalised Wallet - If your dad is anything like mine then he's probably had the same wallet since the last time he was gifted one. Come Christmas time it's probably due an upgrade, so why not get him one with his initials or name on. This one here is so nice and because it's leather so it's quite strong !

Cycling Book - My dad's biggest hobby is cycling. He's is actually a great cyclist and does loads of big cycles all throughout the year. This is why a book about cycling would be perfect for him. This one in particular is a mix between facts and stories from other cyclist's experiences. I'm not suggesting you all get your dad a cycling book, but something to do with their hobby is always a great gift.

 What have you gotten/ intend to get your dad this year for Christmas ? 

Erin x

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  1. i love the personalised dad jigsaw, great idea!!


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