A Wonderful Wedding

Last Monday I went to my boyfriend's brother's wedding. It was such an an amazing happy day. Everyone looked fab and had a great time. The wedding was on in the Riverside Hotel in Wexford. It's such a beautiful hotel and the staff were excellent. The bridal sweet was like something you'd see on TV in a celebrities house, It was massive, I think it had like three bathroom it had a two floors and was generally just very glamorous ! I didn't get to take many photos as I was too busy enjoying myself. I did take a few though and thought I'd share them with you all. 

Myself and James all dressed up !

The groom in the middle and his two groomsmen !

Took a quick photo before the meal !

James doing his best man speech !

It was James birthday so they brought out a cake for him ! 

Sorry for the quality of the photos I didn't have my camera just my phone and also the lighting was really weird as well.

Congratulations to Joe and Coleen !

Erin x

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