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Hello everybody ! It's now only a few weeks before Christmas (YAY), so I thought I'd share some ideas on presents for your mammies. This year I was super organised and actually got my mam's present in October, I won't say what I got her as she will probably read this post before Christmas day. They say a good gift is made up of three elements, something funny, something sentimental and something useful. When I'm brainstorming what to get someone for Christmas I usually keep that in mind, and a lot of the time you can get one or two items that have all of these characteristics.

I usually find my mam the hardest person to buy for, because if I had the money I'd love to treat her to a weekend away in New York or a sun holiday in France (that's what she really deserves). However at the moment I'm a student which means if I did have money like that it'd be going straight into fees *sad face*. So until I'm rich I'll stick to getting her smaller gifts, many being a DIY job. Here are some of the ideas that were floating around my head when I was brainstorming, hopefully it'll help you too.

First up is the Mother and Daughter Infinity Necklace Set. Who doesn't like jewelry ? I love this as it's something we could both wear everyday and it's quite sentimental.

Second is the Tea Spoon Bookmark. If your mam loves reading as mine does but never has time to read a lot at the one time, then a bookmark is perfect. It's a small token but I think it's a lovely little gift.

Next up is a DIY job. If you're in any way creative this is a relatively easy but personal gift. If you're not creative, then there are plenty of sites like photobox that do stuff like this for you. I think this would be a lovely gift for anyone, not just your mam.

Next is whatever you know your mam will love, her favourite thing. For my mam that's the Dior Addict perfume. She loves it and only treats herself to a bottle once in a blue moon. This is the safe present that if all else failed, and it was the 23rd of December last minute shopping, I could get this and she'd only be delighted.

Next up is a photo cube, put pictures of the two of ye or the whole family in it, and display it somewhere where she'll see it everyday. A great little present I think.

Last but by no means least, a funny, personal and useful gift. A mug. A funny mug that reminds her of you is always a good gift.

So what do you think ? What have you gotten your mam ?  I'd love to hear in the comments.

Erin x
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  1. Never realised I was so difficult to buy for!! At Christmas, most mothers just want to feel appreciated and any present given with love and appreciation is gratefully received. I'm looking forward to having Erin around for Christmas day, as we don't get to spend so much time together anymore.
    Erin's Mum x


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