Manicure Monday

Hello everybody ! This morning I gave myself a little manicure. I used the 298 High Line Green quick dry by NYC. I chose this colour because I think the green is fresh and energetic, which is what I want my week to start off with. I really like this nail varnish, even though it's quick dry it doesn't dry too quick so you can correct any mistakes easily. It applies very well. The only problem I have with it is the brush, I find it to be very thin and it took me a about four of five strokes before a nail was completely painted. Not a huge issue just something that bugged me a little. I picked up this little gem in Pennies/Primark for under €2. I think it's quite good quality for the price and will definitely pick up some other NYC polishes in the future !

What do you think ? Have you tried any NYC nail polish ? 

Erin x 

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  1. Love this colour! I think green is quite underrated as a nail colour but this one looks really stylish

    1. It is actually very underrated ! I just wanted something a bit different x

  2. Love the green, its very bright and happy. I haven't tried this brand of nail polish but will have to look out for it now.

    1. It's a good brand, I've used quite a few of their nail polishes !


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