Top 5 Winter Clutches

As much as I love HUGE bags, I also love a good clutch. I only use clutches for nights out because most come with a strap that you can put across your body so you don't have to worry about leaving it down anywhere. These clutches are perfect for the Winter season and will go with so many outfits ! 

Cream Clutch - This cute little clutch is so elegant and stylish !

Sparkly Clutch - This clutch would be perfect for any big occasions but the sparkles just make it perfect for Winter !

Purple Clutch - I love a pop of colour and this adorable clutch would brighten up any outfit ! Also I love all the compartments so useful !

Glitter Clutch - This is my favourite out of them all, It has a bit of a Frozen theme which I love. Ideal for Winter !

Studded Clutch - Classic studded clutch adds a bit of rock n' roll !

What's your favourite Winter clutch ? 

Erin x

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  1. Great picks, Erin! I love that they come with a strap. I never dare use clutches for fear that I'll leave it somewhere. I will have to look for one with a strap. I am a sucker for berry colors in the fall so I am loving purple/red one! Thanks for leaving me the link to your blog on twitter. I have had fun reading through your posts!


    1. Neither would I, I'd lose everything, I'm terrible for leaving things down ha. AW thanks so much for taking the time to read them, means so much !! x

  2. I love the glitter one and studded one. I wonder which shop its from?
    Hajara | Chocolatefrosst Xx


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