A Weekly Wrap Up #1

Hello everybody ! This week hasn't been great if I'm honest, I didn't stick to most of my goals and even though I said I wouldn't make any excuses...I have made loads of excuses BUT I'm kinda allowed. This week has been all over the place and any kind of schedule that I usually have went straight out the window ! 

I went to a beautiful wedding on Monday and had such an amazing time. I did a post on it here. However exercise, getting work done, eating healthily just wasn't done. Tuesday most of the day was spent driving back to college, arrived back at about 5pm then had a meeting that lasted forever so another day gone ! 

Wednesday was spent trying to prepare for our college mystery tour. For anyone that doesn't know what that is, it's basically a trip organised by the class rep and the students union to another city / college for a night out, it's a mystery because you don't get told where you're going ! We didn't get home until 6am and as a result, Thursday suffered, spent most of it recovering! 

Friday, Saturday and today have been good enough in relation to time management and eating healthily but I have come down with a horrible cold so going for a run in cold wet Irish weather wasn't on the cards!

For the upcoming week I have set these goals :

Organise : I need to do up all my different to do lists eg. Christmas gift list so I can see how much money I need and brainstorm ideas etc, I need to organise to do lists for all my college projects and modules etc. I also need to organise my college room again, everything was kinda thrown everywhere last week and I find after cleaning up my room my head is much clearer too so I'm much more productive.

Exercise: I need to start exercising again. I need to find an alternative to walking/ going for a run because the Irish weather is really setting in now and it's so unappealing to go out in.

Study : I have an exam on Friday so I need to concentrate on programming A LOT !! I also need to start preparing for end of term exams which are right around the corner !

Job Hunt : I need to get a part time job for the Christmas break. I think we get like 6 weeks off so it's an ideal time get a part time job. So I must tidy up my CV and start sending them out !

Be Positive : After having quite an eventful week that ended in getting a cold, it was easy to get a bit downtrodden and into a slump. This week my goal is to stay positive no matter what setbacks come up !

What are your goals this week ? How did your goals go last week ? I love to hear them !

Erin x
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  1. These are great goals! My goals went out the window when I went on vacation for a couple of days but I did drink lots of water which I'm proud of! This weeks goals is all about painting my room. I've been putting it off and now that I have some time off I need to do it. OMG wish me luck lol! Good luck on your job hunt you going to have tons of people asking you to work for them :)


  2. Aw thank you !! I need to drink more water I'm awful at it ! Ooh good luck hope it all goes well ! Aww thank you hopefully it goes well x


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