The Clothes Show Live : The Haul

Hello everybody ! Today I'm going to share my haul from The Clothes Show Live. I picked up some really nice little bits and really happy with all of them. Usually when I go on a little shopping spree I end up regretting something when I get home but not this time. I'll apologise in advance for the pictures, it's very stormy and dark here in Ireland so the lighting is pretty crappy, sorry !!

So this is the main bulk of my haul. I ended up buying 3 hats which is really weird for me because I never really wear hats, but I just really liked this blue bowler hat and the grey fedora. Also they were £5 each so how could I leave them behind ? I also picked up the little blue hat that says 'Ain't no wifey'. I just think it's adorable. I picked up a scarf which I absolutely love, some burgundy leggings and a cute t-shirt.

Myself and my mam bought the Mint goody bag. They were £15 each I think,which was such a bargin for the amount of stuff that came inside. You get loads of really handy stuff for nail art which I am loving, lots of gems and sparkles too. You get to choose three nail polishes of your choice, so I chose the red,gold and silver glitter polishes (you'd never of expected that I would go for sparkles would you). The very kind lady serving us gave me an extra one to try too I chose the blue one which I think is just gorgeous.

Inside my Olympus bag there was the most stylish little bag that proved to be super handy throughout the day, I'll explain more about everything with olympus in my next post.

All of this amazing stuff was in my little Carmex goody bag that they so kindly gifted to me. More detail in my next post.

Maybe my best purchase of the day, a set of spectrum brushes for £20. They are seven brushes in the set (all of the black and purple ones) and I was gifted two for free too. They are the softest brushes ever ! I have yet to try them but I'm sure there will be a review about them in the upcoming weeks. Can we just take a second to appreciate the awesome and super clever packaging. The brushes come in a pyramid shaped leather box and seperate into two when you open it. This is genius as it doubles as a brush holder. How clever is that !

If you follow me on Twitter then you'll have seen me contemplating dying my hair purple for quite some time now, so when I came across this purple chalk that you simply rub onto your hair for a temporary dyed effect, I just had to pick it up. Below is a little look at the effect,it's not very obvious as there isn't too much on it.

Next up is glitzy lips. I've seen lots of pictures on Pinterest and the likes with glittery lips, so when I found a little stall that were demonstrating how to do it and selling the products, I just had to give it a try. You get the glue and three colours of your choice for £15 I think, and the guy threw in an extra one for free. I will update you on how the glittery lips work  out over the Christmas.

And lastly but by no means least my Clothes Show Live goody bag. I got a few extra bits in it as I bought Platinum tickets. Inside the bag you get the tshirt shown above, which when I first saw it I thought would be too small for me but it's actually the perfect size. There was also some baileys chocolate, a bottle of water, a little can of juice, a clothes show live magazine, a red nail polish,a sample of garnier moisture match sample, a full size freederm product and a popband hair tie.

I did also buy an incredible burgundy cape that I completely forgot to take a picture of and a little something for my secret santa. All in all, I think I did pretty well ! I'm well chuffed with everything and there were some amazing bargains there.

Have you done any big hauls recently ? Let me know in the comments !

Erin X
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