Manicure Monday

Morning everyone ! For this weeks Manicure Monday I went with Lacura Beauty nail polish in the shade 520. I love the colour of this, while the quality isn't great, I couldn't resist this calming colour. It's study week here in college, so everybody and everything is a little hectic, so going with a calm colour was definitely a good choice. I've never used this brand before, I actually picked it up in Aldi as part of a 3 set. The brush is good and it dries quickly, unfortunately that's where the pros of this nail polish end for me. It doesn't set very well and after only a few hours of it being on, I can already see exactly where it will chip. It's fine, not great not awful ! I'd give it a 4/10.

 What do you think ? Do you like the colour ?

Erin x
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