NYC Showtime Mascara Review

It's no secret that my favourite mascara is without a doubt the Benefit BadGal mascara ! However being a student, I can't always justify buying it ! So I have been on the hunt for a drugstore dupe, or at least something similar !

I picked up the NYC Showtime Mascara in Superdrug for €2.75. This is the result....

There is quite obviously a big difference. I do like this mascara. It's not amazing but for 2.75 it's pretty good. For me this is the mascara I would use when I'm running down to the shop, or just want a little something. It doesn't clump easily and it does separate the lashes, but for me there's something missing ! I would and probably will repurchase it again, but I will try out more drugstore mascaras first!

What's your favourite drugstore mascara ?

Erin X
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  1. This sounds and looks like such a good mascara! My favourite drugstore mascara is probably the maybelline false lash effect one. I always think that mascara is one of those products you don't have to spend loads on for it to be really really good!
    Rachel Coco

    1. It is quite good especially for the price, I've never tried the maybelline one but it's next on my list ! Yeah for me it's all about the wand and to be honest after trying a few high end and drugstore mascars, there's not much different except the price !


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