Manicure Monday

Spring has finally arrived here in Ireland and I couldn't be happier. Winter/ Christmas is my favourite time of year but this Winter seems to of dragged on forever ! So with Spring finally well on the way I popped into Boots to pick up some fresh bright Spring inspired nail polishes. I came across so many beauties but settled on three pastel shades from Barry M. You've got to love Boot's 3 for 2 deals ! So the shade that's on my nails now is called 'Kiss Me Quick' 507. It's from the Speedy quick dry collection. I absolutely love the packaging of this nail polish. I think the black and white is so clever and elegant.

The nail polish itself is lovely. The colour is slightly darker than it came out on my camera, however I'm obsessed with it. It's so so pretty and girly. The formula is good, not as good as Isadora but nothing to really complain about either. I like the brush but I don't love the brush it did take about 3/4 strokes before my nail was fully covered . Overall I really like this nail polish and would definitely repurchase it, I can't wait to try out the other shades I got !

I am so delighted to be wearing bright coloured nail polishes again ! What are your favourite Spring shades ?

Erin X
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  1. I've been obsessed with Pit Stop from this new Barry M range! Love it! Such a great Spring neutral and it dries so fast. It's a shame this one requires so many coats though as Pit Stop only needs 2.

    1. Oh really I must get my hands on it so, I loves neutrals in Springs !! Thanks for reading lovely !!

  2. Very pretty wish i could ware polish :( cant at work

    1. Oh no ! My mum is the same can't wear it because of work so it's a nice treat when she does wear it ! :)


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