Fave Bloggers and Vloggers in April

April has been a great month for me, after a very busy March I finally got back on track. I've been loving some pretty fantastic bloggers and Youtubers this month and I'm going to share some of the stand outs with you....


Through the Mirror : I love Caitlin's blog. I've been a reader for quite a while now and I'm a big fan. Through the Mirror is a blog based around beauty and lifestyle. Between Caitlin's blog design, content and frequent posts you'll be hooked in no time. My fave post this month was THIS one !

Underland to Wonderland : I found Danielle's blog through Twitter and I'm so happy I did! First of all can we just all take a moment to appreciate her amazing header !! There is so much to read and it's all high quality content. You really need to check out this amazing blog. My fave post this month was THIS  one !

The Two Darlings : A fellow ITWBN lady, who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, but I will soon hopefully. Eimear is the fantastic writer behind The Two Darlings. She writes about beauty, DIY, fashion and parenting. I absolutely love her parenting posts about her (excuse the pun) two little darlings. Even though I'm obviously not a parent, I still really enjoy her little tales and tips.  My fave post this month was THIS one !

Bec Boop : Another ITWBN lady, who I also haven't had the pleasure of meeting is Rebecca from Bec Boop. Rebecca's blog is all about fashion and beauty. I love her fashion posts. She always shoots in really cool locations and of course has AMAZING style. She also has a Youtube channel which I have been loving so make sure you pop over and subscribe.  My fave post this month was THIS one !


Lozzy Loves Lippy : I have been loving the lovely Laura's channel this month. Laura is a beauty Youtuber from Northern Ireland but living in Leeds. She uploads quite regularly which is always a good thing. She also helped me name my Youtube channel 'chasing ruby chat' and for that I'm very grateful. My fave video this month was THIS one !

My Pale Skin : I have been a huge fan of Em's blog for aaaaages and when I realised that she was doing Youtube too I immediately subscribed. Em has acne just like me but covers it like no one else. I love seeing how she creates so many looks and manages to cover up her acne. She is my absolute inspiration when it comes to covering my own acne. You need to go and check out her channel. My fave video this month was THIS one !

Jaclyn Hill : Ok if you haven't heard of Jaclyn Hill then you must be living under a rock !!! This woman is just freaking AMAZING !!! One of my fave Youtubers of all time !!! I'm not even going to go on as most of you will know and love her already !! My fave video this month was THIS ONE !

So that's who I've been loving this month !! Please do check out all the bloggers and Youtubers, they are all amazing!! Who have you been loving this month ?

Erin X
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  1. Oh you absolute beautiful human being!! haha Im crying! Thank you so much for talking so sweetly about my little blog - it means so much to me.


    1. Aww no problem at all you deserve so much more recognition for your amazing blog !! xx

  2. Thank you so much gorgeous xoxo


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