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Essence is a brand that I've recently kind of fell in love with ! I never really tried the makeup because it's so cheap, I thought the quality would suffer because of the price. I could not of been more wrong !! I love a good lippie, what beauty addict doesn't ?! But what I love more than lipstick is a good bargain ! I picked up some Essence lipsticks in Pennies one day, swatched them and was blown away by them. You can see in the picture just how pigmented they are. They do stay there quite a while as well, longer than the Rimmel lipsticks in my opinion. I definitely need more in my life !!

I bought the eye-shadows after seeing a tutorial over on Siobhan's Youtube channel, LetzMakeup.  I actually bought them on sale so all four eye-shadows were less than €5 together. BARGAIN!! Again these are very pigmented and lovely to use. I do own a few lip liners too but find the NYX ones better. I recently picked up there BB cream to see if it would be any good for cheap everyday foundation, so I'll let you all know how that goes !!

Have you tried any Essence makeup ?

Erin X
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  1. Love essence makeup.. the cheeper brands are the best for lippy i acutally use pennys own prand and they are great... What are the names of the colours u got here

    1. I never tried the Pennies brand actually ! I must check it out !

  2. I've never heard of this but will definitely be trying it out after reading! Thanks for sharing. That deep pink lipstick shade looks uhhhhhmazing! xx

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