My Lazy Day Ritual!

It's bank holiday Monday and I have absolutely no plans! Sometimes we all just need a day to lounge around and do sweet feck all. It's good to take some time out for yourself, relax, unwind and just chill. With that being said I do have a particular routine with days like these as they are so few and far between...

First up is clothing! It is absolutely mandatory on days like today that you wear the comfiest clothes you own. My comfiest are my pyjamas, my Disney princess ones to be exact! They're not too warm, not too cold, perfect for a day filled with relaxing! And to top it off, they're Disney which just makes me the happiest (Yes I am still 3 years old and no I don't care haha)! I got mine in Penny's, cheap as chips and the comfiest pair I own!

Next up is activities. This will take up the majority of the day so make sure that whatever you're doing, you're having fun! For me the perfect me time ritual includes a long bath that's filled with Lush products, face masks and a good book or magazine, followed by a serious Netflix binging session. Some shows that I love to binge watch are ShadowHunters, Once Upon A Time, Gossip Girl, The Flash, Arrow, Gotham,Peaky Blinders.... I could go on forever! I also love catching up on YouTube and listening to some good podcasts.

Of course one of the most important elements to a successful lazy day is the food. I recommend stocking up on your favourite chocolate, Ben&Jerry's icecream and whatever your sweet treat might be. On days like this ordering in is also essential, whether you want pizza, mexican or a kebab from the local chipper. My personal go to is always Chinese (you just can't beat a chicken satay)!

My last few tips for the perfect lazy day would be to make sure you have everything that needs to be done, done the day before, otherwise it'll just be hanging over your head. Try and stay away from your phone, you don't want anyone disturbing your perfect lazy day, unless you wanted to have a few friends  over to enjoy the lazy day together. Lastly enjoy it! If you're anything like me, these days are very rare so appreciate every second of it!

What is your lazy day ritual ? 

Erin X

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