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You may or may not have noticed that last month was the first month since starting YouTube that I didn't upload a favourites video. The reason for this was simply because I felt like I was being forced to like 6-10 new products every month. I hadn't bought any new products and I was enjoying using up the products that were already in my stash and that I had talked about in numerous videos. Instead of boring you I didn't upload a video. So now it's been just over two months since I last shared what I've loved using recently I thought it was about time to put a post together!

Isadora Face Sculptor is one of my all time favourites products. It has a bronzer, blush and highlight and comes in the perfect size for travelling. The bronzer works really well for people who have pale skin like me because it's not too dark or overpowering. It does have a slight shimmer to it but it's not very noticeable once it's applied. The blush is a gorgeous rosey pink colour. A little will go a long way, I usually add a tiny bit and build it up. The wow!!! This highlight is just amazing, it's lovley for daytime makeup or natural makeup because there's no chunky glitter in it, it quite literally looks like a glow from within with a little shimmer on top! Absolutely love it!

NYX Pore Filler and Shine Killer have been a staple since I recieved them. I even wrote a full post on the Shine Killer here. They perform very similarly except that the pore filler feels more like a mouse than the silcone feeling of the Shine Killer. The Pore Filler is also pigmented and the Shine Killer isn't. I've really been loving them both and rarely put on makeup without one of these under it as a base.

PS. Colour Correcting Palette is something that I've been reaching for it more and more lately. I've even hit pan on it. For €2.50 I'm going to go and stock up soon. As I mentioned in this post, I only ever really use the green shade in any of the colour correcting palettes, regardless of brand as I use it to counteract any redness on my face. I love this one from Pennys, it's light cream that's easy to blend, covers your redness but isn't so strongly pigmented that it breaks through your foundation.

B.O.N Liquid Gold is a body oil that I have been obsessed with, none of my body creams have gotten a look in since I started using it. it's an oil that feels really hydrating but it's think or sticky. I apply it just before bed at night and right after the shower. It gives a very slight glow to your skin. It makes it look really healthy. It is supposed to be really good for healing acne scars, stretch marks and loads of other things so I'll keep you posted if I notice any dramatic changes from using it.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer is a product that I didn't really like at first. I don't find it has great coverage and for someone who suffers with acne, that's not ideal. However I really started using it under my eyes as I ran out of my NYX HD concealer and I have been so impressed by it. It's quite a light consistency so it doesn't cake up under the eyes or sit in any fine lines. It just brightens up the area which is exactly what I want it to do.

Isadora Nude Sensation Fluid Foundation is another product that I didn't like when I first started using it, I've only really started liking it in the past two weeks, but last weekend I opted for this foundation over my all time holy grail Seventeen Stay Time. SO to me that proved that I must actually really like it. I find the best way to apply it is by applying your concealer first, then foundation. I don't know why but it just sits so much better. It is quite full coverage and does feel a bit heavy on the skin. But I'm used to that so yeah, really liking so far.

Dramatic lips is something I've been doing a lot recently. I think after Winter I was so happy to start using bright colourful lip colours, but it's been a good few months now and I'm finding myself being drawn back to my deep plums and dark shades. Two lipsticks that I've been drawn to in particular have been MAC 'Diva' and NYX 'Dirthy Talk' Diva is a gorgeous pupley plum red shade and Dirty Talk is a really dark brown, kinda similar to the colour of Nutella...yup I just compared lipstick to nutella!

Lastly the Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser is something that I have been obsessed with. It's a cream cleanser that foams up a little and acts like a gel cleanser. My face is always squeaky clean after using it. It does feel a little dry and tight afterwards, not enough that it's uncomfortable, but definitely use a good moisturiser with it!

And that's it folks! My fave products of late! What have you been loving recently?!

Erin X
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