How To Be An Organised Student

Hi everyone ! Today is my first day of semester two in college. It's the end of January and I finished semester one on the 9th of December,I've had about SEVEN weeks off ! Way too long in my opinion, but plenty of time to prepare for semester two. College is so different to secondary school, you're not spoon fed anymore and if you miss your deadlines, you don't get a second chance. That's why being organised is so important !! I usually find that most lectures 'just happen' to set all deadlines on the one week.

1. Stationary - Like everything, having the right materials is vital. I'm a little biased because I LOVE stationary. Nothing motivates me more to do work than pretty stationary (pretty sad I know). I have so much stationary but I've skimmed it down to the absolute essentials.

  • Sticky notes are so useful, if you're a visual learner like me, then writing notes on different coloured backgrounds is ideal.
  • A pencil case, obvious I know but you'd be surprised at the amount of students that don't have them. I picked up this cute little makeup bag in Pennies/Primark and use it as a pencil case.
  • Some Pens, I love the pastel multi-coloured pen. It's my favourite. I just love writing in pretty colours. A couple of blue/black/red pens are also obviously necessary.
  • Highlighters are so handy for picking out important pieces of information and super useful come exam time when you're just skimming through notes.
  • USB keys, you'll be surprised how many of these you go through. My course is basically all on the computer so I always have a USB close by.
  • Clear sheet pockets, great for keeping your sheets clean and crisp, you can get like 50 of them for €2 so you really can't go wrong.

2. Folders - Keeping everything in folders will keep you super organised. You won't waste time trying to find your printed notes etc. It'll help you keep track of everything for that particular subject/module.

3. Timetables - Once you get you're timetable, add in extra slots for studying specific modules and for exercise. This will help you make sure you get the best out of your days. It will also help you prioritise what assignments need doing first and remind you what deadlines are coming up.

4.  Lists - To Do lists will help you keep on top of everything, break it up into monthly, weekly and daily to do lists. Write lists for everything, seriously they really help. Write shopping lists, budgeting lists, chore lists everything and then enjoy the satisfaction when everything on the list is ticked off.

5. Preparation - Preparation is key to organisation. I try to always prepare what I'm wearing and my lunch for the next day, the night before so it's ready in the morning and I get that essential extra 15 minutes in bed. But it's essential for every part of student life, making sure your gym gear is washed and dried, making sure you have enough food etc.

So that's how to be an organised student,or at least how I stay organised.How do you stay organised ?

Erin X
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  1. I live for those envelope folders. I always punch holes in them and stick them at the back of folders to keep loose sheets in. Highlighters and pens... and stationary in general really are my weakness! Haha! I'm an organisation freak. Loved this post :) x

    1. OOH I never thought about doing that, omg that would be so useful. I'm def going to do that !! I know I'm the same !! thanks for reading x

  2. It's like you've read my mind - being organised is key for student living!
    For me, the 2015 planner is essential on keeping on top of everything and knowing when deadlines are plus I'm a folder perfectionist (all notes in neat, well presented - it's an addiction!)

    Brill post love!
    Amy |

    1. It definitely is an addiction, its just all so pretty when everything is organised and everything feels so put together ha ! Thanks for reading xx

  3. Definitely going to be utilising these tips as I have midterms coming up so thank you!

    1. Aww you're very welcome , hope they were helpful and the very best of luck to you in your exams xx

  4. I'm always motivated at the beginning of the year but by halfway through I have to admit I'm dragging my feet! I had my first day back at uni today, could not COPE haha.

    Great little post, I'll be returning for more and you have a new follower on Bloglovin' dear!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

    1. I used to be like that too, but since I started keeping an everyday diary, it just keeps me going ha ! Mine too and OMG I was exhausted come 12 o clock, it's so hard to get back into a routine again!

      Aww thank you so much that genuinely means the world xx

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  6. Post-it's are so versatile! I love them so much!!

    I also love to use stickers to make my planner a bit more appealing to me. A sticker of a cute dog is always motivational to me.

    Good luck on your second semester!!



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