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Goals are very important in all aspects of your life. I find if I set a goal and a deadline I'm much more likely to achieve it than if I'd just thought sure I'll try my best and see where it gets me. I also find writing them down to be a huge help, somehow it makes it feel more pressing. If you're like me and write to do lists on a daily basis then you're essentially writing  your goals for that day/week. I always write to do list for my day but never really for my week so I have decided that as part of my lifestyle change that every Sunday I'm going to write down  my goals for the week. I'm going to set 5 realistic goals that include most areas in my life and try my very best to see them through.

This week my goals are : 

1. No excuses :  My mantra for the week is No excuses, I am the best in the world for making excuses, but who am I really fooling, only myself !

2. Bring food into college : I live about 25 minutes away from my college,while it might not seem very far, walking home to get food and then walking back into college in my boots is not ideal. I always tend to either buy food on campus  like a subway (although I've really gone off subway recently) or once I'm home just stay at home where there are too many distractions . So hopefully by bringing food with me I'll save time, money and start eating healthier !

3.Exercise for at least 20 mins every day : I'm starting off at 20 mins because my level of fitness at the moment is basically non existent. I don't want to rush in and go crazy only to end up burnout and giving up!

4.Invest in better time management: I spend far to much time procrastinating and worrying about things I need to do instead of just doing them and getting them out of the way. I need to get a little bit more focused with my time management and not spend too much time on one area of work and neglecting others. Recently I've been solely focused on getting my blog up and running but with exams just around the corner, I can't afford to neglect that awful programming any more !

5.Take a break and not feel guilty: With everything that's been going on lately I often find myself spending hours doing something that should of taken one hour, mainly because my brain is just fried. Whenever I do take a break, I find that I'm not really taking a break, while eating lunch I could be try to figure out a piece of code or brainstorming blog ideas. I'm not taking a proper break so I end up being half as productive, and if I do eventually relax and snap out of the working frame of mind I feel guilty for doing so. This week I'm going to designate a certain part of each day to relax and having a proper break whether it's reading my favourite blogs or catching up on netflix, I'm going to make time for some me time !

Do you set yourself daily/weekly/monthly goals ? I'd love to read them in the comments !! 
Erin x

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  1. i really need to do this too!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  2. You can do it!!! I'm a bad one for making goals and never following through on them. But I love writing down little goals that doesn't seem as hard to accomplish! For me its all about eating a little better so this week I want to eat more fruits!-Jasmine


    1. I think smaller goals are much more achievable on a day to day basis ! I think eating a little better is on almost everyone's list ! Hope it goes well for you x

  3. Good luck with your goals!! I know whenever I make goals especially when it comes to time management (cause if I'm being honest I'm a procrastinator) I know it's always a struggle. Take them one step at a time and you'll get there!

    1. Thanks so much ! I'm such a procrastinator so I'm really trying to work through that ! I have good days and bad days but like you said one step at a time x

  4. This is a really good idea and definitely one to keep you motivated! I try to write myself little to-do lists as I find that writing them down makes me more likely to try and achieve them to 'tick' them off my list! Good luck with your goals :) Danielle x

    frontière girl

  5. Love that you are sharing your goals. Some of mine are exactly the same!

    1. Thank you ! I feel more pressured to stick to my goals when I share them !


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