The Best Micellar Water ?

I'm back with another battle and this time it's between Micellar waters. It seems in the last year they have become increasingly popular and so many brands have come out with their own version. So how do we to know which ones are the best? Well I've tried and tested a few popular ones and the results are in...

Up first we have probably one of the most popular micellar waters, the Garnier Micellar water! Garnier have a few different types, depending on your skin type, I used to have the pink bottle but found it very very drying on my skin. I just didn't get the hype about it at the time, then I tried the green/blue bottle as in the picture above and it was completely different, in a good way. It is aimed towards people with combination to oily and sensitive skin. I have normal to combination skin and it is quite sensitive so it's the option that suited me the most. Mt thoughts? I like it, I don't love it. I use it to remove makeup and it does the job perfectly. I never really use it as a cleanser unless I am being ridiculously lazy. This is actually probably my fourth bottle, they're available in Boots and Pennys and selected pharmacies. They range in price form about €4 to €8. I definitely would repurchase it if I needed to and by that I mean if I didn't have access to buying one of the others (the simple one).

Next up is Bioderma, who have been in Ireland just over a year now. When they first launched their micellar water, there was major major hype about it. I was gifted a small bottle like the one in the picture, at an event. I had heard so much about it, I couldn't wait to test it. But when I did I found myself quite disappointed. Now don't get me wrong, it's a great little product, it completely removes your makeup, your skin doesn't feel dry afterwards, but it was still just a micellar water. I don't know what I was expecting, but after hearing some much hype around it, I thought it would remove your makeup and then some. This is now my second sample bottle that I was also gifted and this time round, not having great expectations, I actually really liked it. At the end of the day,it's still micellar water. It leaves your face feeling clean and soft and what more could you ask for really ?

Le Mara Micellar water is by far the biggest disappointment. I really wanted to like this product, everything seemed great, it's made by an Irish company in the west, it's very affordable at €4.99, it contains things like organic sea minerals & extracts & vitamin B, there's no perfume, no parabens and no alcohol. But it stings my face like nothing else! I'm genuinely surprised I didn't have a reaction to it. My face felt very warm and uncomfortable, it's very very drying, it hurt my eyes so much  and doesn't smell very nice either. If you have sensitive skin like me give this one a miss!

I have saved the best for last, yes that's right it's the Simple Micellar water! My favourite! I picked this up because I read somewhere, a tweet maybe, that the simple micellar water was miles better than the Garnier one. So off I went to investigate which was better. I am thrilled that I picked it up, it's just amazing! What I love about it is the simplicity of it (they clearly stuck to their branding on this one) It's quite simply feels like water, not like the others, but like actual water. It doesn't smell funny, it doesn't sting my eyes and best of all, it works really really well. I only need a small amount to remove both my face and eye makeup. My skin feels fresh and squeaky clean after using it. The only downer about it is that the bottle it comes in is 200mls and I find myself running through it very quickly but at €3.99, it could be worse!

There are still a lot more Micellar waters out there that I haven't tried...yet! So tell me what's your favorite and why? 

Erin X
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  1. Just reading through your post as I had a full on reaction to the le Mara water yesterday. Doctors visit and medication made it quite a expensive item!


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