My 5 Blogging Fails

Even though I've been doing quite a few posts recently about blogging and tips and tricks, I don't know everything and I make mistakes myself (especially when I started blogging). It's human to make mistakes, but try to only make them once, learn from them and don't let them define you.

Proof Reading
This is something even after nearly two years, I'm still not great at. I get too excited about writing a post that I skim back through it and publish the post without a second thought. Until maybe a week or a month later when I might be reading back my post and see 3 spelling mistakes and 2 sentences that juts don't make sense! My advice, write your post, read it over,schedule, read it again a few days later and then publish it. Alternatively ask someone who is brilliant at proof reading to read it over and make sure it all makes sense.

Over Promising
I'm a big dreamer and firm believer in you can do anything you set your mind to. I also love making goals and lists. Sometimes I need to be a bit more realistic. It's not that I need to dream a little smaller or anything like that, I just put myself under too much pressure and then get disheartened when I don't do as well as I'd hoped. A plain example is this month, I thought I'd have no problem writing a post for every single day this month, so far I've missed 5 days! I'll make up for them, but I should have been more realistic, I should have promised myself and my readers that I'd post every weekday. This would give me the chance to allow for those days when I just didn't wanna write, or life got in the way and I just didn't get time to write. My advice, under promise and over deliver.

When I started blogging I was a divil for reviewing products after only trying them a handful of times, it lasted about two months, maybe three. Then I'd continue to use a product and realize either it broke me out or I actually wouldn't repurchase it. Or on the other side, a product that I didn't like I'd end up loving. Now I make sure that anything I review, I have REALLY really tried/used. Advice, don't get ahead of yourself.

This is something I really need to improve on, I love stats and making goals etc. But one thing I don't do is track my analytics, now numbers and analytics aren't the be all and end all but they do fascinate me. Every now and then I'll go through my different social media or my blog analytics, see what got traction, what didn't etc. What I need to start doing is actually tracking them and comparing them month by month. As I said they're not the be all and end all but they are worth noting if you're wanting to grow your blog or work with brands.

This is probably where I let myself down the most. I'm not great at promoting myself or my blog. Maybe it's the Irish culture in me, talking myself down. I'm not sure, but I know certain things work, like scheduling social media weekly to give yourself the best chance of being seen, yet I rarely do it. Or I'll do it for a week, get busy and forget. I need to improve on this if I ever want to grow my blog and get it more well known.

So there you have it my current and past blogging failures, there's lots more trust me but they're the biggies! Tell me in the comments, what your biggest blogging failures are...

Erin X  

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  1. I'm exactly like you Erin, I regularly forget to promote a post on Twitter or FB... Great post xx Siobhan

    1. All the hard work and then forgetting to promote is maddening! Thanks for reading! x

  2. It's hard to do it all! And I'm the same about proof reading and it drives me mad. I hate when I see a mistake afterwards on my posts as it just looks so sloppy. But just when I should be carefully proof reading is when I've had enough. I really need to work on this!

    1. Exactly Trish! By the time you get to the proof reading stage, you can often be wrecked!

  3. Love this post...I can definitely relate to proof reading I ALWAYS have to preview my posts a million times.. My spelling is horrendous but thank god for spell check.!!

    1. Thanks Lorraine! I'm the same, spell check is a god send! x

  4. Such a great post, I think all bloggers can relate. Spotting a typo after the post has gone live is maddening!

    Emma |


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