The Battle of the Colour Correcting Quads

I have been on a mission over the past while to find the best colour correcting quad. The reason is, I received both the Isadora and Wet n Wild correcting palettes in goody bags from events and was shocked at the results, considering the price difference...

The isadora quad comes in at over €20, the Wet N Wild one comes in just under €5, The w7one comes in at €2.50 as does the PS one. 

So what's the biggest difference between them? To be honest I've only really been concerned with the green concealer because it counteracts any redness on the face. I find this essential when my skin is acting up. So after trialing them all out numerous times, here's what I thought.

The Wet N Wild one is the most pigmented and stiffest. It's harder to blend in but gives you the most coverage. Be sure to blend it properly though,you don't want a green patch peeking out through your foundation. This is really for those of you who really suffer from redness, otherwise, use a light hand when applying it.

The Isadora correcting palette is by far the most expensive. Considering the other palettes are great and basically do the same thing, save your money and buy one of the others. In saying that it is gorgeous. The consistency is creamy and smooth, very easy to blend and has a velvety finish.

The W7 Hide N Seek palette is the closest replica to the Isadora one. It looks the exact same and the quality of the product is extremely similar. Just like the Isadora palette, it's creamy,lightweight, easy to blend and gives a velvety finish. Considering there's about a €20 difference in price, the only  difference I can find is that the W7 one is slightly more creamier.

Lastly and unexpected gem, the PS color correcting palette. I wasn't expecting much from it to be honest as a lot of the PS range is hit and miss but this palette is for sure a complete HIT. It is quite creamy but stiffer than both the W7 and Isadora palettes. It is also more pigmented than both. I find it gives a better coverage than them too. For €2.50 you just can't go wrong with it!

Overall my winner is the Wet n Wild colour corrector, but the PS one is coming in at a close second! What are your thoughts on the above quads, have you tried them ?

Erin X
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  1. For €2.50 I'll definitely be purchasing the PS one! You saved me a lot of experimenting ��

  2. Never tried the other ones but love the wet n wild one , great blog post definitely want to try the PS one now :)


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