All about the Reds!

What's your safe lippie colour? Mine is red. I know a lot of people would probably say a nude lippie or maybe a pinky brown lippy but for me it's red. I have fairly big lips and red lipstick always looks good on them so over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of red lipsticks. Today I'm going to be sharing my absolute favourites...

Stay Pout in 'Date Night' from Seventeen really is the perfect red for a date night. It's a bright red that's creamy on the lips but stays in place so you don't have to worry about it budging from your lips. It feels very comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry them out what so ever. One of the best things about it is that there's no fragrance from it. It drives me mad when lipsticks have a strong fragrance but luckily this beauty isn't fragranced. It has decent staying power, it won't budge unless you eat something, but when it does wear away, it does so kinda evenly so that you don't end up with patchy bits around your lips, it just fades into a pink shade. It comes in at €5.99 and can be bought in all Boots stores and online. Definitely a must have.

Next up is 'Eros' from NYX. This is a beautiful orangey red shade, perfect for the spring summer time. I usually wear this with a dewy simple base, simple eyes with lashes and leave the main focus on the lips. Similar to the Stay Pout lipstick, it's very comfortable on the lips, however it is slightly less creamy and as a result I think, it's a little bit longer lasting. Such a beautiful shade and for €5.75, you really can't go wrong!

'Soft Paprika' from No7 is a stunning shade of red, very Marilyn Monroe esque. It's quite hydrating on the lips and even has SPF of 15 which is really great! This lippie pairs very nicely with a gold smokey eye and gives you the perfect tah dah! moment! Such a lovely shade and I always get compliments when I wear it. It's very pigmented so lasts quite well too!

Both of the Rimmel lipsticks perform the same way, the only difference being the colours. I have 01 and 107. Both are very popular shades and they're both from the Kate collection. I totally get why they're so popular. They're absolutely gorgeous, 107 is probably my favourite of the two. It's a much deeper red with a  blue undertone. Both have matte finish which means they're not the most hydrating so make sure you moisturize your lips well if you want them to last. They're both very long lasting and all round brilliant reds to have in your collection. My only negative thing about them is the fragrance. 01 isn't too bad but I can't stand the smell of 107. It's grand once it's on your lips as you can't really smell it but it has a very strong smell when you're applying it.

Last but by no means least is my MAC 'Diva'. A very deep plum red shade, perfect for the Autumn/Winter months. It has a matte finish so make sure your lips are well prepped. It doesn't have the longest staying power, but we'll forgive it because it's just so damn gorgeous! Absolutely obsessed with this shade! Diva is around the €20 mark and can be bought from any MAC counter.

From left to right: rimmel 107,rimmel 01, No7 'Soft Paprika', Stay Pout 'Date Night', MAC 'Diva', NYX 'Eros'

So those are my favourite Reds! What's yours? 

Erin X

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