I Heart Summer Tag!

Summer has officially begun here in Ireland and with that I thought I'd do a summer themed post today! Something quick, simple and fun for the bank holiday weekend! While Winter is and always will be my favourite season, even I cannot deny how nice it is to have a bit of sun!

1.Your Favourite Summer Vacation ?
Spain! I used to go to Spain a lot as a child on summer holidays so I'll always think of it as my favourite summer vacation! The weather, the people, the food and the fun, a perfect combo for a perfect summer holiday!

2. Favourite Summer Drink?
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime with some ice!

3. S'mores or Ice-cream?
Here in Ireland, we rarely have s'mores(or at least I never do) so I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!

4. Pool or Beach?
Beach every time! While I do like chilling by a pool when I'm on holiday, the beach will always be my favourite place and it will always win over the pool.

5. Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix?
If I had a pool, it would definitely be the pool! 

6. Your most fun summer memory?
Can I cheat and give two? One is when I went on holiday with my cousins to Spain when we were only like 5 or 6! And the second is spending all of my summers in a blow up pool in the back garden and having water balloon fights! We used to have such great fun!

7. Favorite summer nail polish?
I'm a sucker for the Barry M 'Kiss Me Quick' nail polish from the Speedy Quick collection. It's just so pretty and lasted quite long too! 

8. Sunglasses or hats?
Sunglasses, big oversized ones to be exact, hats don't really suit me!

9. Favorite summer scent? 
Freshly cut grass, the beach and BBQ's

10. Favorite BBQ food?
Classic bbq'd burger and burger buns toasted on the bbq

11. Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces?
Bikinis for the win!

12. Summertime book recommendations. 
I loved reading the Girl Online/Girl Online On Tour books from Zoella. They're a lovely light read, perfect for holidays!

And there you have it! The I Heart Summer Tag! I'm going to tag a few fellow bloggers over on Twitter to do this tag too so be sure to check it out! Tell me in the comments what your favourite thing about summer is! 

Erin X

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  1. This weather has just been so wonderful and am making the most of it.... Great tag


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