How to Increase your Productivity | Blogger Edition

Feel like you've been procrastinating a lot lately? Or maybe it's just taking you forever to get small tasks done? Well I have a few tips for you to get your ass in gear and to start being really productive!

Work in Bulk
This is something that I have only recently started doing and boy has it made a big difference! Ever gone to write a post and realised you have no photos, so you go and set up to take photos, take the photos, edit them and by the time you're back and ready to write, you've lost all inspiration! This has happened to me far too many times. Now instead of trying to do everything together, I do certain things in bulk. I take my photos in bulk, usually enough photos to last me four or five blog posts, edit them and just leave them waiting for when I need them. then whenever the creative juices are flowing and I'm in the mood to write, I write the four or five blog posts and leave them waiting to be scheduled or posted whenever the time is right. And the same goes for scheduling, answering emails etc.

Create a blogging Calendar
Creating a blog calendar helps to keep you on track and it's a great brainstorming session for blog post ideas. It will also really help you plan out your month, in relation to posts, when to post and give you some deadlines, some people don't like deadlines for something that is your hobby but for me, it's like a challenge and it motivates me to get the posts done and published!

Schedule Everything
This is absolute essential. Sometimes, between taking photos, writing the posts and advertising the posts, it can all get a bit much and can be very time consuming. Some some time at the beginning of the week, maybe an hour or two and schedule all/most of your social media posts for the week. So even when you're spending time with family, working or just relaxing, your content is being advertised in the background.

Create a workspace that works for you
I use and to and sometimes still do blog, just about anywhere, the sofa, my bed, the library, my desk, in my mams office, anywhere. While this is all well and good once in a blue moon. If you're struggling to be productive, setting yourself up in a good workspace will help you a lot. For me that means sitting a nice, clean, tidy desk with lots of light. What works for me might not work for you, you might feel the most productive sitting in bed with a cuppa puts you in the right mind frame to get shit dome. So whatever works for you, do it!

This is probably 60% of the reason that you're not being as productive as you would like to be. So turn off your phone or at least put it in another room, stop checking your social media every 10 minutes, only check your emails twice a day and do the most important things first thing in the morning, that way you won't be worried or stressed about them. This is probably one of the hardest things to do but it helps so much.

And lastly, love what you do, blogging should be fun and exciting so enjoy it, if you need a break or a small or maybe even big hiatus, take it and return with the passion that made you start your blog!

Erin X
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