The Best Ways to Use Baby Powder

An essential but often overlooked beauty staple that should be in everyone's bathroom is of course, baby powder. It has so many wonderful uses but I find it's often forgotten about. Here's eight brilliant uses of baby powder.....

  • Dry Shampoo:  You've woken up late, you don't have time to wash your hair and you're all out of dry shampoo ! No worries just put a little baby powder in your hair to soak up any grease, it acts just the same as dry shampoo!
  • Waxing: If you apply some baby powder before waxing it'll make the experience much more pain free. Not only will it protect your skin, leaving it less red and sore, it will actually adsorb the moisture and allows the wax to work better.
  • Plump Eyelashes: Dust a little bit of baby powder on your lashes before you apply mascara. It will make them appear longer and fuller. You can also use baby powder to set your makeup, by removing the facial oils it will keep your makeup intact all day/night. And again it smells amazing so it's just an added bonus!
  • Cool Your Skin: After you shave (face or legs), sprinkle a little baby powder onto the freshly shaven area and rub it in. This will eliminate any irritation and leave you felling silky smooth.
  • Foot Powder: No need to spend a fortune on foot powder just use baby powder. Not only does it smell great, it'll help with the stink in your shoes!
  • Stops Chaffing: Before you go for a run or a long walk put some in the areas that you usually chafe. It'll reduce the friction a ton and leave you feeling dry and soft.
  • Removing Sand: If you're lucky enough to be heading to the beach remember to bring some baby powder!! It's so much easier to remove sand from your body if you just sprinkle a little powder. It'll save a big mess in the car!
  • Removing Grease Stains: If you get grease on your clothes, don't worry just put a small bit of baby powder on a cotton pad and dab it at the stain until all the grease is removed. Then you can wash it as normal. It's as simple as that and might just save some of your clothes!

So those are some of the great ways to baby powder ! Have you used baby powder in any of these ways ? Do you use it in any other ways ? Let me know in the comments !

Erin X

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  1. I use baby powder before waxing! I wax my own body hair. I saw an Esthetician for years, but picked up how to DIY after a while...and baby powder is definitely a big help!

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  2. Love this! I use baby powder as dry shampoo and occasionally as foot powder, but I'm definitely going to try the eyelash and skin cooling trick. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I'm just going to put this out there...I have a really big chest. I use baby powder in the summer so the girls don't sweat. Boom..add that to the list LMAO ;-)

  4. Love this never thought it had so many uses!


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