A 'Little' Haul

My mam was in Paris over the weekend and only came home yesterday. It had been ages since I'd seen her so she came down to Limerick for the afternnon to see me. We had a lovely dinner at Pizza Hut and a great catch up.Afterwards we went into boots looking for some really hydrating body moisturizer, which we found but of course, one simply cannot go into Boots and not browse the beauty stands.

First up we went to Benefit, I've never really used much of benefit's products up until recently. I went to a little preview of the Roller Lash Mascara and the girls at Benefit did a full face of make up for one of the girls and I was so impressed by all of their products. So I was delighted when the girl working there offered to show me more products and give me some samples to try out. She applied the Roller Lash Mascara on myself and mam and after seeing the amazing results we both bought one, because we bought two Benefit products and at least one was the Roller Lash we were both offered complimentary make overs. Mine is scheduled for this Thursday, which is ideal because I'm heading out that night for my friends birthday. The samples I got were, the high beam highlighter, the They're Real remover, the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation and the Pore Professional. I can't wait to try them all out.

We headed down to Lancome next as I was looking to get some of the instant cleanser for sensitive eyes. I absolutely adore this cleanser, it's a non oily oil and I use this every single time I have eye make up on. When we got down there we realised it was actually on a deal with a load of other little bits from lancome, when you buy any two products from lancome, any at all !! SO mam picked up a lipstick and brightening primer and we got the deal.

Mum was in Paris for the weekend and brought me home some goodies from Sephora !!! I did give her a 'small' list of things I wanted, but every single thing on my list was out of stock there *sad face*so instead she picked up a few bits she thought I'd like. She bought Masque Miel Sephora Honey mask, a relly adorable little tinted lip balm called Kiss Me in the shade 05 'Candy Apple'. She also picked up a red lipstick because she knows I love a good red lip. She picked up 'Rouge Shine' so I'm excited to try it out, I did a little swatch and wasn't too impressed if I'm honest, I think It'll definitely need a primer under it. While she was in Paris she picked me up the cutest little t-shirt, purse and dress.

I have been absolutely SPOILED rotten !! I was sick all of last week and still a bit sick now so this has really perked me up ! I'm so exited to try everything and report back !! Has anyone else done a little haul recently ? Let me know in the comments.

Erin X
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  1. Yes I went last week to boots and went a little bit mental! Check out my post here http://amber-oneill.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/a-virtually-free-shopping-spree.html?m=1

  2. How nice of your mom...what a collection of goodies :)

    All the Cute
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  3. Awh how nice of your mum! I've got the sample of roller lash and really like it, as does my mum! So think I'll be buying the full size too x
    han // emandhan xo


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