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Sunday nights for me are all about preparing for the following week. Usually I'll try to make sure my college work due for that week is completed, my to do lists are written up and my general plan for the week is clear in my head. I also like to have a good tidy up so I'm not starting a fresh week with a messy room or disorganised working environment. But the reason I love Sunday nights so much is because Sunday nights, are my pamper nights. I love to treat myself to a nice long bath/shower, followed up by face masks, manicures and Netflix.

Last Sunday was no different, I had a really long shower and used some of my favourite products. I have recently fallen in love with Cocoa Brown's Tough Stuff Exfoliator. It's a dream exfoliator for me, I have quite sensitive and dry skin so finding an exfoliator that's not too harsh is really difficult to find. The Tough Stuff however is really gentle and smells incredible. It works really well with my skin and always leaves it feeling silky smooth.

 I also love my Hemp Soap Bar from The Body Shop, it's actually really perfect for showers because it's on a rope so I can just hang it up. I have never been a fan of soap bars and usually go with shower gels. However I think the Hemp soap bar has converted me. It's supposed to be very moisturising and hydrating, I personally don't really get that. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or anything, I just don't feel my skin is any extra hydrated. But what I love about this product is how clean I feel after using it, I always feel clean coming out of the shower don't get me wrong but there's just something about this soap bar that leaves me feeling squeaky clean. It doesn't have an overwhelming scent either which I personally love.

After my shower, I like to moisturising my skin with E45 body lotion, I recently picked this up because my skin has been incredibly dry and irritated, so I wanted something with no perfume that would be very hydrating. It's working grand but I haven't noticed a massive difference to be honest. After drying my hair I usually message some coconut oil into the tips of my hair and leave that on over night.

Next up is facial time. Recently my skin has been having really bad breakouts and last week was no different so a pamper session was definitely in order. I start by cleaning my face with my NeoStrata ultra brightening cleanser, I've only started using this in the last two weeks and my skin has cleared up a lot, I'll be doing a full review on this cleanser soon.

After cleaning my face, I exfoliate with my Neutrogena visibly clear blackhead eliminating daily scrub. Again it's quite a gentle scrub as my skin is too sensitive for anything harsh. I then move onto my favourite face mask at the moment, the quick fix anti blemish mud mask. This mask is specifically for oily and spot prone skin. I love this mask and have done a full review HERE on it.

I end my face pampering with moisturiser, my skin has been super dry and this Nivea soft cream, (which I usually find a little too heavy), has been my best friend. It has Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E which are so incredibly nourishing for your face. Last but by no means least, I finished with a manicure which I did a post on yesterday. I love giving my nails a bit of TLC and I like to give them an extra little bit of attention during these sessions.

I love my Sunday pamper nights and I think it's really important to give yourself some downtime, especially before a hectic week. I love watching Netflix and catching up on my YouTube videos during these pamper sessions, what do you do in your pamper sessions ?

Erin X
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  1. Great post! :)
    I really like the Neutrogena one for my skin!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

    1. Me too, always leaves my skin feeling soft ! Thanks so much for reading X

  2. Sunday night pampering is SUCH a good idea! I can imagine it leaving you ready to conquer Monday mornings and that in itself is a winner lol I'll try it this Sunday.

    1. It's really brilliant, leaves you ready to take on the world on Monday morning !

  3. I love your manicure! Your green and gold nails gives me great St. Paddy's weekend inspiration for my nails!

    All the Cute


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