10 Places I Want to Travel to in Europe

When I was younger my parents were very good to me and we went on little trips abroad quite regularly. We also went on bigger trips abroad like travelling to Florida and New York. So I've always had a love of travelling and exploring and I'm pretty sure that comes from my parents (my mam in particular). My last trip was in 2012, I went to Africa and had the best time ever.

Since then I've had my Leaving Cert and then college and summer jobs. Basically I haven't really had the time or money to go on any holidays, but I've got that travelling itch again and I'm dying to go on a little vacation. As I am a student and funds are low, a city break is the most realistic holiday I'll be going on any time soon.

So in my moments/hours of procrastination, I've picked out 10 European cites/ countries that I want to travel to. Hopefully I'll be seeing some of the places sooner rather than later.

Amsterdam ! I have only been in Amsterdam once and that was for two hours in the airport. Hopefully I'll get there again and be able to stay for longer.

Cyprus !! How amazing and romantic does it look. Definitely on the travel bucket list.

Prague ! My parents have been here and really enjoyed it so I'd love to experience it myself.

Berlin ! I have heard so much about Berlin and I think it would be such an interesting city to visit.

Greece ! Fun fact, my dad actually proposed to my mam in Greece ! I'd love to go there. It looks so sunny and happy.

Barcelona ! How beautiful does this city look ?! Can somebody please take me there !!!!

Venice ! How insanely cute does Venice look !!

Budapest ! I have a really strong desire to go to Budapest, I have no idea why I just really want to go there. It looks stunning.

Vienna ! I think this would be the perfect weekend away in paradise !

Stockholm ! Last but by no means least, the beautiful Stockholm !

There are so many other cities and countries that I really want to visit but those 10 are top of my list. Hopefully I'll get to some of them in the near future !

Where would you like to travel to in Europe ?

Erin X
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