Manicure Monday

Hello everybody! This morning I gave myself a little manicure. I used the MoYou special nail polish. I received this as part of a gift set so I'm not really sure where you can pick it up. I chose this colour because out of all my red polishes, this is the brightest one I have. I wanted something bright but also somewhat seasonal, as it's getting closer and closer to Christmas I thought this colour would be ideal. Last week I showed you the High Line Green quick dry by NYC. Although it was a pretty cheap polish, I was so impressed by the quality, it stayed on without chipping until about Friday. I couldn't believe it. This MoYou polish however, I'm not too impressed by. I applied it this morning around 8 and now mid afternoon, there are already chips. It's a lovely colour and the brush is nice but I think I'll probably have to change them again tomorrow and Wednesday.

Have you given yourself a manicure this week ? Have you ever come across MOYou ?

Erin x
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