A Weekly Wrap Up #3

Hello everybody ! Was it just me or did this week seem to fly by ? This week I've been so tired and burnt out ! As a result of being burnt out , I was super unproductive. Although I did post every day, that was about as productive as I was. In relation to completing last weeks goals I didn't do too badly, I'm getting back into the habit of drinking water, I applied for a few jobs, I stayed fairly positive and did incorporate more exercise into my days. The only thing I didn't do really was take photos ! The weather has been horrible so the lighting was very poor and whenever it was good, I was in college ! Just my luck. 

However this week is all new and shiny and I'm feeling much better. So with some new found determination these are my goals for this week:

1. Exercise : As always, but this week I need to find something that I can do indoors as the weather is really getting bad here.

2. Study : It's now week 11 ! How did that even happen?? This semester has flown by. Exams are around the corner and some serious work is going to be done in the next 3-4 weeks !

3. Get through my to do list : Try and get through as much of my never ending list as possible.

4. Eat healthier : Nothing spurred me on as much to eat healthier, as the results I seen last week. As I said I was feeling poorly and burnt out, I made some smoothies and  started taking vitamin supplements daily and I've felt much better since.

5. Friends : Another big goal of mine this week is to visit my friends, everything will go a bit hectic with everyone from here on in, until exams are over so this week might be my last chance !

So what's your goals this week ? I'd love to hear them !

Erin x 

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  1. Great goals, you did well to start on the smoothies this week, I just crave warm food at this time of year which also ends up being the bad foods. Maybe I will whiz up a smoothie tomorrow morning.

    1. Thanks ! I'm determined this week will be a good healthy one ! Ooh you should they're the perfect breakfast !


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