A Weekly Wrap Up #4

Hello everybody ! This week was a very good week. I visited so many of my friends and even though it did take up a lot of time, it was well worth it. It was great catching up with everyone just before the craziness of exams hit us. I was also quite productive this week. I'm still managing to post daily while still keeping up with my college workload. Today my mam came to visit and we went shopping in the city. We had a beautiful meal in Texas Steakhouse. It was absolutely gorgeous and I'd really recommend going there. The staff are so friendly and even though they were packed, the food was served really quickly.

This week my main goal is to get ready for exams as they start on Friday !!!! So most of my week will be spent studying. As usual I will try to exercise as much as I can, eat healthier, get through my never ending to do list etc. 

What are your goals for the week ?

Erin x

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