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So this weekend is Valentines weekend ! I've been spending a little ( more like a lot) of time on Pinterest and one thing that's really popular at the moment is nail art ideas for Valentines day ! I love looking at all the amazing nail art on Pinterest, I just think some of the designs are fantastic ! I've chosen my top four nail ideas as you can see in the picture and I just wanted to show them to you, to maybe give you some ideas if you're lacking inspiration. I may attempt to try or or two of these designs, if I do it'll be on my Instagram so make sure you're following me ! I have also pinned a ton of other ideas for V day so if you're not really feeling any of these, I've pinned loads more on my 'Nailed It' board on Pinterest which you can see HERE !

Do you like any of the ideas above ? What will your nails be looking like on the 14th ?

Erin X
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